Wow! I’m just loving the new photoshoot. Well done babe. Are you happy with the results?

Thank you! If I’m honest I’m not keen on doing shoots because it feels a little unnatural to me. However, the photographer was very good and made it fun. I think that is portrayed in the tone of the images and I am pleased that the photos show me in a true light.

We talked a lot about outfits before you went, do you feel it was worth all the effort that you put into it? I think it was worth it but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Picking outfits is a very difficult part of the process for me, so I appreciate bouncing ideas around! I brought far more than needed so have a few things in store for next

time! Preparing well for things makes me feel more relaxed and then I feel I get the best from experiences.

Are you going back in Summer for an outdoor shoot on the beach? Or is it too soon to tell?  

It is a little soon to tell, though I love the summer vibe to the photos in the other profiles, so it is very possible.

You have some knock out lingerie in the new photos. I personally love the white lace playsuit that you are wearing. Do you prefer full lingerie such as stockings and suspenders etc or do you prefer the naked in heels look? Maybe both?

I really like a mix of everything from playsuits to stockings. I even find lux sporty sets can be great for a more natural feel.

How do you find the time to come to London 2 days a week, have a life outside of escorting and still put so much time in at the gym?

I’m also studying atm so things really are all go but in the best of ways. Also, working for myself means that my time is super flexible and I like the variation and freedom that the different aspects of my live facilitate. I am naturally a high energy person and I find working-out regularly creates such great endorphins that it gives me energy rather than depletes it. Some people have less energy the more they do, so I am truly the opposite with a natural thirst for life!

Ok, my all time favourite question coming up – what is your favourite book? 

I’m reading Shantaram at the moment but am struggling to keep up with the number of characters and places, so suggestions most welcome! In fact a book over chocolates is always my preference as to open the mind and not the waist! I like novels and find the books awards can be a good indication of the magic of a writer. I just finished “Elenor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” which was both sad and funny in it’s observations. I’d struggle to pick a favourite book as my memory is terrible!

Do you prefer incalls or outcalls and how do they differ?

I don’t mind either although if I were to choose, I would pick incalls. I like to have an array of things (outfits etc) to change in to if the mood takes.  Also, I like the opportunity to make someone feel very welcome and catered for. I make sure that I always stay in the nicest of accommodation to ensure the perfect ambience. That means  good toiletries, clean fluffy towels, a cold glass of wine and ace music playing!

Describe your ideal afternoon with a gentleman?
My perfect afternoon would be my hotel room, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, heels, lingerie and the rest I will leave to your imagination…Zoe’s Interview