1: I know we can’t talk about bookings that have already happened but instead can you describe your dream date for us? How would it start? Where would you go? How would it end?  Don’t leave anything out.
We would start off by meeting at the hotel, maybe The Corinthia or The London Edition over a glass of bubbly or a cup of tea, an hour or so in private to chat and get to know each other properly. Then on to meal in The Ivy, they do great lunches and gorgeous afternoon tea.
We would then move on to a spa where we could enjoy a massage or other treatment and a bit of naughty teasing in a hot tub. An early dinner in Roka or Nobu, their taster menus are wonderful, then on to a performance in the Royal Opera house, I love going to the ballet.
Finally we would go back to the hotel where we would enjoy each others bodies in any way we desired, sensually discovering each other, and fall asleep together, waking up to more enjoyment and breakfast in bed before we had to part ways having shared the most wonderful 24 hours for just us.

2: If I were to ask you the same thing but this time for a weekend away with a gentleman. What would your perfect weekend for two look like?
I personally love to travel am always excited to meet a gentleman in a foreign city or in the sleepy english countryside. However London is enormous and I never see everything so Im just as happy here. I guess for 24 hours the first day would stay the same for me. However the 2nd day I might love to go and see some local place of beauty, or go on a bit of a hike. Maybe see some local galleries and museums, after all I am an artist and I never tire of seeing new stuff.

3: Now describe your dream vacation.
I am a complete sun worshiper. Please take me anywhere hot with a pool or a beach and you wont see the smile leave my face for 1 second of our trip. I have always dreamed of seeing the Maldives, or Thailand. Im a total beach queen and you’ll get to see some of my more exciting bikinis I love trying new foods so anywhere with an interesting cuisine is always a plus. However I am happy to go to cooler spots also but in which case I would probably prefer a city.

4: What have been your favourite gifts so far?
Well I think every girl loves a great pair of heels. We love to look great but cheap heels can be horrendous and we can sometimes feel a bit guilty buying that dreamy pair of Choo’s or Louboutin’s for ourselves. So nothing is more exciting then wearing that new pair on an exciting date.

Also Agent Provocateur is my weakness. I received a beautiful black set from a wonderful gentleman and I feel so sexy in it.

Other then that I love jewellery. Nothing makes you feel more special. Last month I recieved a beautiful Micheal Kors watch from a lovely gentleman over a lunch date. So greateful, thank you all so much.

5: What lady on the Allure site would you really love to duo with but haven’t done so yet?
Helena has a gorgeous smile and wonderful personality, but we havent been able to have a duo yet. Id love to play with her.

6: When you’re not escorting what do you enjoy doing in your personal time?
As a full time dancer that takes up most of my time really. Between training, rehersals and touring for performances Im non stop. But I absolutely love it, im so so lucky. Other then that I love anything arty really, shows, exhibitions etc.


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