“After twice seeing the lovely Celia I decided to follow her advice and visit one of her duo partners Sylvie.

Sylvie is (like Celia) a wonderful person to spend a few hours with. She is clearly intelligent and self assured with real poise. She has a gym toned physique and is in perfect physical condition. She rather modestly said that she had been eating too many pizzas of late. There was no evidence of that and the only six pack on show was hers.

In the space of a highly enjoyable and unhurried two hours I was spoiled rotten. We had a very wide ranging conversation which demonstrated that Sylvie has a quick brain, is interested in a wide variety of topics and clearly knew more than me on a lot of them. This was interspersed with a lot of laughing, a few glasses of wine and of course the main event (or in this case two main events).

Sylvie has a a lot of energy, is very open minded and threw herself into that portion of our meeting with real gusto. I spent a lot of time exploring her lithe, flexible body which hopefully she appreciated. It was difficult to take my hands off of her but she was also very keen to make sure I was well looked after. She has a mischievous grin and a naughty tongue in every sense of the term. I was exhausted at the end but once I recovered I left with a somewhat ridiculous grin on my face.

I will definitely be back and maybe I should see the ‘ dream team’ of Sylvie and Celia together.”


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