September 2020

September 2020 Feedback

Grace – 25/09/2020

“We met in the bar of my hotel and Grace looked simply stunning: lovely short dess, great heels and enticing cleavage! We had a drink and a chat there, and I immediately sensed a connection. Grace is a Liverpool lass, with a hint of a Scouse accent, which I find irresistible. She is evidently well-educated, and happy to talk about many different topics. She is so easy to get along with! Off to a restaurant, and neither of us wanted to eat a lot, although a bottle of wine went down well. She certainly made me feel at ease, as have all the Allure girls I’ve met. She has an enthusiastic sense of humour!
Then back to the hotel, more drinks and we relaxed on the bed. Soon we were taking each other’s clothes off, and Grace was revealed in all her wonderfulness. She has a fabulous body, which is even better than her photos indicate. She is very flexible and happy to contort it into all sorts of positions! She can be delightfully decadent and has a tongue on her that she uses in both a tactile and spoken sense with devastating effect. Certainly, the sex was mind-blowing in its many variations, and we went at it hard and long. Eventually we came to a stop and decided on a shower, which took a bit of sorting out – why are hotel showers so often difficult to work out?! – and then back to a relaxing time on the bed and time for one more, which was positively earth-shattering for both of us.
Grace is so lovely and I shall return, I hope. Special thanks to Sophia for recommending her. I think I owe Sophia a drink or a meal as a thank you!”

Grace – 23/09/2020

“Stylish , funny , unbelievably hot, have seen a number of lovely Allure girls over the years –
Grace would be up with the very best, for a long and gorgeous date look no further
I am glad I met you, and thank you.”

Lucy – 03/09/2020

“It was so good to see Lucy again , she is always beautifully dressed , great company and just the best person to spend time with .

Had a lengthy catch up over lunch (great food but really should find someone who can cook a simple piece of bacon – surely not that hard ) and then back to her lovely new apartment – and whiled away a perfect couple of hours.

Highly recommend and will return.”

Lucy – 01/09/2020

“Lucy has to be the best lady I have met through an agency. She is really lovely. She goes an extra mile to make sure that you’re comfortable and safe.

She looks much better than her photos. Her social skills are one of the best ever.

I really do recommend her.”