Samar and Celia – 30/09/2019

“When I first saw Celia and Samar waiting for at the entrance of the Shangri-la hotel, I immediately knew that our date would be ‘special’. Two amazing ladies: very friendly, open-minded, elegant, naughty… A perfect mix of angels & devils! They were so excited to have this duo experience together. From the hotel bar to the room, these two ladies gave me so much fun and emotion. My expectations were high, but I got much more from them than I was expected.

Celia has a fantastic look. She is so tall and classy. When I saw her naked on the king-size bed of my room, playing with Samar and with herself, smiling at me, I just thought I was the luckiest man on earth. Standing behind her leaning against the high windows of the room was such an exciting moment!

Samar is a perfect beauty. Her personality, intelligence and overall behavior totally seduced me. I enjoyed kissing her golden skin so much. She is highly addictive and I loved each of her smiles, touches, kisses and …

Thanks a lot for this incredible date darling. Let’s make if happen again soon and experience more together xxx”


Sylvie – 30/09/2019

This was the best experience I’ve had with an escort. A few years ago I saw Catherine a couple of times, and I didn’t think anyone would surpass that, but Sylvie, in my opinion, is at a completely different level.
I knew as soon as I walked in that I was very attracted to her. She’s very pretty and her body is incredible. When we got into the bedroom, I couldn’t believe how much energy and enthusiasm she put into the whole thing,. I know this is all subjective, but I feel like I can confidently recommend Sylvie to anyone. I wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else after this.


Angeline – 25/09/2019

“Sophia handled my booking superbly: efficient, helpful and easy. I had decided on Angeline as she simply looked fun and sexy, and I was not disappointed. What sort of booking was next, and I opted for a 4 hour lunch date (2 hours + 2 hours) and left it to Angeline to chose where we would eat. She chose a lovely restaurant, and we met on the steps going in: perfect timing. I arrived just as she was deciding whether to go in. We had a great meal chatting away, and it was as if we had known each other for many years. We felt the same about almost everything.

Then it was back to Angeline’s flat, which was literally just round the corner. A bottle opened and we started on the sofa, but within minutes were tearing our clothes off to get on the bed. We used both bedrooms and the sofa; the only room we didn’t actually use was the bathroom! Angeline doesn’t just enjoy sex, she loves it. More than that, she is very good at it. I eventually staggered out into the autumn sunshine drained in every way, but with a smile on my face, saying to myself “God I’m smug. Unlike you lot I’ve spent the afternoon in bed with the most magnificent women, and we have spent the afternoon experimenting with everything we can think of.” Not only do I feel sated, but I have met a women who is perfect in just about every way imaginable: funny, intelligent, superbly sexy, experimental in bed, great body, widely traveled, great sense of humour.
Will I return? Just try to keep me away! Next time I want a threesome with the Allure girl of Angeline’s choice.”


Camille – 27/9/2019

Just finished another date with Camille and she was divine.
To put it very simply this girl is in a league of her own (and even her taste in music is brilliant…)


Rosalind – 26/09/2019

Wow, Rosalind was great company, so much so that I’ve booked her again for tomorrow!


Tara – 26/09/2019

“An amazing entrance beautiful and sexy and that continued for the duration of our date. Great personality and wit, I won’t hesitate to book her again.”


Tara – 25/09/2019

“Tara is a lovely and loveable young lady.
I had seen her 2 or 3 years ago but because of my schedule then it was rather rushed and I have always wanted to renew our meeting. This time it happened to be a convenient location for me but a very tiny room which can sometimes put me off but Tara’s charms and skills soon dispelled that.
I understand she returns to her earlier better accommodation soon.”


Camille and Celia – 24/09/2019

“This was a duo booking with Camille ( who I had met before) and Celia ( who I was meeting for the first time)
As previously described they are both very beautiful with long legs and amazing bums.
The suitcase of joy was unpacked , and within moments , Camille had secured Celia to the iron bed head with cuffs and employed a leg spreader and we feasted on her lovely body and juices, watching her buck against the restraints as she came.
Then there was an amazing session with a. Double ended dildo , which will live in my mind for sometime
And so it went on….
They are both charming , very bright , and very interesting company , perfect for a longer date

Thanks for an amazing evening – it was a joyous and memorable time.”


Mia – 22/09/2019

“I had been instantly melted away from any tiredness of work when I first saw Mia opening the door to me : she is gorgeous, of course, but she is also incredibly warm, smart, engaging, passionate, and fun.
Mia is very tall, fit, very leggy (ex model), with a natural elegance. Her skin has a wonderful silky touch.
She immediately welcomes you as a best friend with lots of hugs and kisses.
When going to the bed, she is a passionate lover, always eager to please and satisfy. She can deliver a totally inhibited PSE session, but always with a natural spontaneity and sensuality. She is a truly submissive girl, who really enjoy all kind of kinky situations without any boundaries. Her experience in this domain is definitely more extensive than a first impression can say.
As I told her, she is an authentic woman, “une femme libérée”.
I will meet her again. A duo with Camille or Sylvie would definitely be an incendiary one.”


Celia and Camille – 21/09/2019

“This is, I guess, an occasion where the gentlemanly Kiss But Don’t Tell rule should be breached. Indeed, whenever you actively place yourself between Camille and Celia, first in a Jacuzzi and a king-size bed thereafter, with the support of a whole suitcaseload of assorted fixtures of a sexually oriented function, things are prone to happen that might be worth at least mentioning, if only for their scientific interest, which, as an engineering graduate, I keep of course permanently in mind as an absolute priority. Thus, the following brief evocation of a shameless evening of unabashed pornographic maneuvers as well as an unreserved commendation of performers thereof.

Starting at 9:30 PM in the hotel’s bar, with Celia and Camille (along with the abovementioned wheeled suitcase) joining my G&T with fancy flavored martinis (shame, but martini purists are a dying breed and girls will be girls). But let’s slip the so-called social part, as pleasant it could have been, to reach the heart of the matter, which, even Victorian hypocrites would admit, has little to do with this specific organ, unless it eventually defaults in the process. I will evidently abstain getting into uncensored details, the telling being strictly about the kissing, and shall therefore remain silent on the more exotic endeavors. At most, I will hint to anybody keen in exploring a whole universe of potential combinations that such tend to expand quite exponentially when one-on-one natural limitations are lifted through the addition of a willing, versatile, extra counterparty and the assistance of a quasi-unlimited number of ingenious devices. Believe me, in such a configuration, 3 hours with Celia and Camille is a bare minimum for the curious mind, although the body might be unwilling to follow, especially when old age or physical limitations impair stamina.

As a conclusion, a tremendously exciting experience whose energetic, fun and determined participants I strongly recommend to each and every man of a scientific persuasion and likewise curiosity. And which I sincerely intend to renew at the first opportunity.”


Gabie – 20/09/2019

“Just spent a wonderful 2 days with Gabie.
If your looking for a young buxom luscious lady who knows her way around both the bedroom and the wider world then this is the one for you.
Not only is she fantastic sexually with an arse to die for she is without a doubt one of the nicest people you could spend your time with.
The term “pocket rocket” was surely created to describe Gabie with her boundless sexual energy contained within a smooth skinned peach of a body.
She knows how to get the best out of you and always leaves you wanting more.
Loved every second of the two days.
Treat her well and she will repay you double.”


Tara – 18/09/2019

“Tara is a wonderful lady who generally deserves a round of applause and many encores! A gentleman doesn’t give details, but Tara could make the devil dance around her handbag until sunrise… Be that devil, see that sunrise!”


Celia – 18/09/2019

“I have admired Celia profile from a far since she joined Allure, wondering if a meeting would live up to expectations. I finally managed a trip to a London so that I could meet this delightful young lady and I was not disappointed.
A very efficient and friendly booking experience led into a marvellous meeting. As soon as Celia joined me in my hotel room I new expectations were going to be exceeded. Everything on her profile is accurate and she is even more beautiful than the pictures on the website. Just love her red hair!
Dressed as requested, Celia instantly put me at ease and what followed will stay with me for a very long time! The soundtrack of our meeting in particular was a pure delight. Celia’s vocal encouragement with such a lovely refined accent was just sensational. Thank you Celia!”


Camille – 18/09/2019

“Camille is incredibly beautiful and sexy. On top of that she is clever, has a great sense of humor. In a nutshell she’s genuine and natural.
I had a great time in her company.”


Angeline – 18/09/2019

“Beautiful – both inside and out, with a gorgeous face, stunning figure and addictive personality. She has a very naughty side too. Can’t wait to see her again.”


Gabie – 18/09/2019

“The pictures on this website don’t come close – Gabie is so much more beautiful in every way. She’s also got a fantastic personality and very very naughty too.”


Virginia- 18/09/2019

“After reading such positive reviews, and having a penchant for curvy blondes, I’d been looking forward to meeting Virginia for quite a while.
Arrangements were handled seamlessly by the exceptional Allure team, and I started to count down the days.
Virginia’s incall was simple to find, and when this gorgeous lady opened the door I knew the wait had been worthwhile, and my choice had been a good one.
She’s the perfect host, and conversation with plenty of laughs flowed. It was as if we’d known each other for years. Virginia is very well travelled, and getting to know her was a pleasure. She’s just great fun to be around with a really lovely personality.
A shower was followed by a lovely massage before things got a little more physical. Sadly, time ran out, and I couldn’t extend the two hour booking, but suffice to say that if oral is your thing – and I daresay that’s all of us – then you’re in for a treat.
I left her flat a happy man, but with the feeling there’s even more fun to be had with Virginia, and that’s something which can’t happen too soon.
I’ll definitely be returning and, as another gentleman mentioned, if you’re just after some escapism with a beautiful lady then Virginia should be on your radar. You won’t regret it.”


Camille – 18/09/2019

“Clearly one of London’s finest, Camille definitely offers a world-class experience.
Call her what you will: enchantress, sorceress, and bewitching little minx. She is all of those, but ya gotta love it. When she first burst onto the scene some years back she totally rocked my world, in a way I never imagined.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see her six times in the past year since her return to Allure, and happy to report that each and every time it has been a rich and rewarding experience, fresh and alive.
She is a true sexual phenomenon, the likes of which is rarely encountered. If she can teach an old dog like me new tricks I am sure there is no end to the magic in her touch. But once you’re in her spell, it could be habit forming!”


Sylvie – 18/09/2019

“Thank you for organizing my meeting with Sylvie.
OMG, this has been probably the most amazing date I ever had!
Sylvie is gorgeous, of course, but she also incredibly warm, smart, engaging, passionate, fun …. I think I’m at a loss for adjectives!
I guess we just clicked!

Please thank her again for me, for this wonderful time.
I definitively hope to be back in London and see her again sometimes soon.
This was just a perfect evening!”


Sylvie – 17/09/2019

“Incendiary duo Sylvie and her friend.
Second time I’ve been together with these two gorgeous natural beauties and they have absolutely checked every box and I cant imagine a better evening.
Great drinks partners, classy, beautifully dressed and beyond anyone’s imagination in the bedroom.
After a proper rest this will get scheduled again….wow, just wow.
These two couldn’t complement each other any better in any way.”


Tara – 16/09/2019

“I am not one who normally writes reviews but I am making an exception in Tara’s case as she was truly “exceptional” during our meeting. Fri 13th turned out to be a good omen after all! I met Tara for the first time last week when I had the pleasure of her company for an afternoon tea in my hotel by the river Thames. As requested, she arrived in her sexy little pink dress as worn on her profile with the photo taken from her recent photo shoot in Ibiza and the dress was showing off her lovely toned long legs from years of dancing in their full glory. However, what struck me most when I opened the door was not her long legs but her radiant smile and gorgeous mesmerizing blue eyes. There was a top prize of 140 million pounds for the Euro-million winner on that Fri but I knew I had hit the jackpot the instant when I opened the door. She was not just an eye candy but also with brain and was able to hold a conversation on a wide range of topics. We had a lovely champagne afternoon tea followed by a naughty and passionste tryst in the bedroom afterwards. Her repertoire in the bedroom was diverse and delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Everything was provided from list of service on her profile. Very often, some girls are advertised as Girl Friend Experience but in reality, there is no hand holding, no cuddling and the kissing are mechanical and half hearted, but not in Tara’s case. During the meeting, there was a great connection and chemistry between us and it felt genuine. She is the sort of girls whom you would be happy to take home to meet your mum! She will be great for longer booking eg overnight and weekend away!

Tara, Tara: (T)antalizing, (A)ffectionate, (R)avishing, (A)dventureous! What more can I say!

PS. Tara – Wouldn’t have managed the afternoon tea without your Rayban on that sunny afternoon! Cheers babe! Also a big thank you to Emma for ensuring the whole booking process was nice and smooth, as always!”


Celia – 05/09/2019

“Celia is amazing! Physically she is beautiful, amazing hair, perfect figure and a true English rose. Her beauty is however her second best asset, her personality is something to behold. She puts you at ease immediately, can engage in conversation and is even with her young years a fascinating person. And if it wasn’t clear from her interview, she is also highly sexed!! I’m not going to be looking on any other sites again, as I don’t think she could be bettered. Also great apartment and very discrete. I’m coming back to Celia.”


Virginia – 05/09/2019

“My jaws dropped when I opened the door.
Such a natural young beauty! We imediately
got on beautifully well without any effort. I highly recommend meeting her!”


Zoe – 04/09/2019

“Had the most amazing time with Zoe, totally worth the booking. She is so accommodating and put me at ease immediately, what transpired I can only describe as the most tantric and tactile experience being kept on the edge of ecstasy the whole time, will be booking again tomorrow if she’s available.”


Juliette – 01/09/2019

“I scheduled a three hour duo outcall with Camille and Juliette. Regrettably, Camille had to cancel and while I was initially disappointed I needn’t have worried. Juliette more than made up for Camille’s absence. Juliette is bright, witty, outgoing, self confident, beautiful and oh so talented. Did I mention how beautiful and talented she is? So talented I extended the meeting to four hours and somehow managed to survive it. This was the best one on one experience ever. Juliette is deserving of my highest recommendation. Until next time.”



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