1: I know we can’t talk about bookings that have already happened but instead can you describe your dream date for us? How would it start? Where would you go? How would it end? Don’t leave anything out.
Probably starts with a drink of some sort depending on the time of the day, enjoying a meal together followed by going to the cinema/ theatre or any experience to share and remember. An evening of entertainment to build up a rapport and connect, it would greatly enhance out intimate time together.

2: If I were to ask you the same thing but this time for a weekend away with a gentleman. What would your perfect weekend for two look like?
I love the idea of relaxing with someone but I also enjoy fun adventures! It just depends on my mood I guess.
Who doesn’t love a massage? Complete bliss, when all I want to do is make the other person feel as good as I do. I also really appreciate it when someone puts thought in planning our time together. I love trying new things and activities, it’s guaranteed to get us to bond and connect.

3: Now describe your dream vacation.
Mmm but I have a few ideas! Of course white sandy beaches, its my idea of heaven. Walking barefoot on the beach at sunset is something I really miss.
I also love animals, all animals. A safari type of vacation is definitely on my bucket list.

4: What have been your favourite gifts so far?
I have been so lucky to meet such thoughtful and generous gentlemen. Every gift I received made me very happy. I have been thinking for quite a while what I can name as my favourite but they all are!!

5: What lady on the Allure site would you really love to duo with but haven’t done so yet?
All of them? 😍
I have yet to meet an Allure lady that I didn’t like. I mean check them out!
To answer your question, I have heard about many hot encounters with Gabie, I also think that we would look great together.

6: When you’re not escorting what do you enjoy doing in your personal time?
This changes all the time, but always includes shopping. Currently I enjoy reading and discovering restaurants.


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