“This is very high risk, I said to myself when opening the door, after that anticipated, familiar knock. Yes – I had promised myself never to book girls at that fee, no matter how good the pictures looked. I should know by now, you nearly always get what you pay for. Don´t do it – if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is! Two hours later I renewed my membership to Captain 69 and am now writing the first review in two years – I just have to. The facts: A really slim girl, not a gram extra on her body. Very pretty, bordering on beautiful. Intelligent, educated, emotional, lively, and then, that highly addictive experience of being with a girl that you immediately, effortlessly connect with and just immensely like to be with. Highly enjoyable conversation, so enjoyable I felt no need to move from there in quite a while really. Until, with an excuse, she removed her clothes and we continued conversing about politics although her flawless, naked body made me lose track repeatedly. – I know this is going to be great, she said. And really, she was the best fit. Down under, she´s a delicacy. Surprisingly naughty, being so, eh, new to the business. Highly responsive and passionate. And again. Bottom line: I prolonged her stay after taking her coat, and then later. Most important task next week: make a socially acceptable excuse to fly back to London again as quickly as possible.”


As an international escort and companion Samar loves to travel and she’d love to join you for a romantic weekend in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.