It’s been a busy month at Allure with many girls having new photos taken and Samar was one of the first girls to have hers taken at the end of August and today we have finally been able to update her portfolio with more photos from that shoot and she now has no less than seventeen beautiful photos for you to view.

Most of her photos were taken outdoors and they show both the casual, relaxed side of her nature and also the sweet girlie side too. Then in the studio our photographer has taken some photos that are slightly more erotic in nature and they really show you exactly what Samar’s body is like. If you have ever met Samar then you will know that she can play both angel and devil and flits seamlessly between the roles.

Samar is now in her mid-twenties (26) so whilst she is still young enough to be playful and not take herself too seriously, she is also not too young either and she she is an excellent choice if you are considering a dinner date or an overnight as she is intelligent, speaks fluent English and her conservative upbringing means that she really knows how to behave like a lady in public. Once Samar is in private she really likes to ‘let go’ and she enjoys the company of both men and women alike.

To view read more about Samar, in her own words, then please check out her full details on her personal page which can be found hereā€¦

Samar at Agency Allure +44 207 183 1094