Celia – 29/10/2019

The big plus with the ladies from Allure, other than their obvious beauty, is that they all have great personalities and you can have conversations on a wide variety of topics with them, learning something new every time. And so it was with Celia, a tall redhead with toned legs that seem to go on forever that I had the fortune to spend a few hours with on an incall visit. Her ‘posh totty’ voice mixed with some wonderfully appropriately filthy language will remain a coveted memory along with the view of her in some fabulous lingerie plus the rest of the more intimate moments from the evening.
Thanks once again to Allure for the arrangements and to Celia for a simply wonderful time.


Tara – 29/10/2019

“Tara is a lovely, engaging young lady. Very easy and interesting to speak to. Gorgeous and prettier than her pictures. Will see her again!”


Claire – 24/10/2019

“Claire is a beautiful lady, in all respects. First I got impressed by her physical beauty; she is sexy, elegant, classy, an amazing figure with long blonde hair and eyes that inspire the most romantic and wild fantasies at the same time.
Then I got captured by her personality: warm, confident in an understated sort of way, lively, smart, down to earth and so … sexy (again!). It was so easy talking to her that an hour passed before we realised that we could do more than talk!
I’m not going into details but suffice to say that I plan to see her again soon. Thanks Claire for such a wonderful evening and thanks Allure for finding such a gem!”


Camille – 22/10/2019

“Jeez dealing with Allure is cool, you pick up the phone , they are so friendly, and in what seems like no time you are with CAMILLE !, thus your life just got so much better.. she is just as beautiful and sexy as ever , and I never feel anything other than happy and relaxed when I leave

So two hours of fun , much depravity , my boundaries pushed, by a girl that treats you as a person not a number ,

Just a lovely time with a top girl
Thanks Sophia xxx”


Tara – 14/10/2019

“I am not one to leave reviews normally but I am making an exception this time. I met up with Tara recently and knew the minute the door opened that She was going to be special. Her bubbly and open personality instantly relaxed me. I felt completely at home. We got into a discussion on several different topics. It was lovely to hear a fresh and unique perspective. We relaxed in each other’s company before she took the initiative which was awesome. Tara is sexy and beautiful. She clearly looks after herself and is also naughty in a very subtle and disarming way. We had an amazing early evening tryst. It was absolutely a girl friend experience. On second thoughts I should be keeping all of this to myself… why have competition for her time! But amazing experiences should be shared. I will be back. Others treat her like the princess she is.”


Gabie – 11/10/2019

“What an afternoon!

Gabie is gorgeous, intelligent and great fun to be with. Absolute dynamite in the bedroom (which I thought was going to fall apart at one point), she knows what she wants but is also very attentive.

Thanks Gabie for an amazing afternoon.”


Tara – 11/10/2019

“I simply want to keep her for myself. Stunning looking, bubbly, amazing bedroom skills. Best experience by far. Will be visit again very soon.”


Celia – 13/10/2019

“Firstly I wish to thank Sophia and Claudia for the flawless arrangements of my first date with Allure…and what a first date. I met Celia for lunch in a very nice rooftop restaurant in central London and she arrived dressed in her current profile look that I refer to as “Puss in Boots”. From the moment we met I knew that this date was going to be good because she is a total babe and a really lovely person to talk to. She was not put off in any way by our age gap. Celia is not from London but showed off her expert knowledge of the city by taking me on a tour of famous London landmarks. Back in our room after lunch she took me on a second tour, this time on a wonderfully erotic tour of her unbelievable body. Celia’s profile is extremely accurate and she delivered everything that I dreamt of and then some more!! I’m still awe struck a week later. Hopefully I will get a chance to return to London to meet with Celia again soon. I’ll leave the final words of this review to James Joyce “But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.””


Mia  – 13/10/2019

“I enjoyed a lovely lunch date with Mia and an incredible dessert back in the bedroom. Wow what a tall sexy lady.
Mia is a really natural no nonsense lady who has seen quite a bit of life, however she never lost sight of keeping me happy throughout our date. On her profile Mia speaks having “transcendental” abilities and I can vouch for these because I was taken to new heights of wondrous abandonment and many days later I reflect in delight at the memory of having been transported to heaven and back. Thank you Mia for a wonderful sexual awakening – I highly recommend and hope to repeat soon.


Rosalind – 10/10/2019

Ever since I booked my trip to London, I knew I wanted to meet Rosalind. The booking process was easy and luckily she was available during my preferred time slot. I booked a meeting for 2 hours in-call and went up to her nice apartment, where some “tools of the trade” were on display and ready for action within hand reach.
Rosalind is sexy, curvaceous and tempting. You can’t stop gazing at her green piercing eyes… and she loves to keep eye-contact when it matters most.
Her kisses were soft and she was quick to adapt to how I like things, while not being shy to show me what she also likes. Conversation with her was smart and flowing, with lot of humor and openness. In between we also gave eachother massages, to round off a very relaxing evening.
I was happy to have enough time to have a nice chat and not only have play time. As the meeting ended, I left with a huge stupid smile on my face


Mia – 09/10/2019

“Well the Allure profile is ,as usual , clear and truthful
Well good news Mia is even better !!
So we met at the hotel bar, no problem meeting up, as she was evidently the only beautiful girl strolling in at midday
I opted for two hours” private time “and then a very enjoyable lunch, actually that was a beautiful shape to our date

All services delivered with passion , and its worth noting , Mia is funny , warm, kind and” bright as a bright thing.”

I happily extended our time together

What fun and made my week”


Virginia – 06/10/2019

“Gentlemen, Virginia’s photos are no match when you meet this beautiful charming sexy young lady in person, had a wonderful 3hrs in call at her apartment would have extended our time if it was possible, from the moment you meet her she makes it so relaxing and puts you at ease, during our time together we had a little role play which I can say Virginia is expert in. Will I see her again? Yes. ASAP”


Camille – 05/10/2019

“I’ve seen Camille for a minimum of an overnight almost every weekend since I first met her back in March, so I’ll leave you to decide how much of a fan of hers I am . We have experienced a lot of memorable experiences over the relatively short time knowing each other e.g. Michelln starred restaurants, five star spa retreats you name it we have done it. However no other previous experience was as memorable as last nights encounter at 45 Park Lane, which without question, was the best night of my life. . So… what made last night so special you might be asking… well not only did I get to take her to my favourite restaurant of all time, Cut at 45 Park Lane, where she wore a beautiful red cocktail dress that I swear could cure cancer, I also got to meet somebody else I have always wanted to meet, the mistress of darkness herself, cat woman!! Some might say that only Michelle Pfeifer can be cat woman, but I urge those people to go and see Camille, you’ll realise that she is a mere amateur compared to Camille. I think the only thing missing from last night was the absence of me providing some pampering to reward her, due to me having to leave fairly early, but I am going to remedy that very soon. Camille, you’re not the best escort in London like a recent review said, you’re the best in the world.”


Mia – 02/10/2019

Tall, even taller when wearing her 6 inch stilettos, but lovely. She has a very attractive face which you don’t really see in the Photos. This lady is keen and very sexy. A great attitude and a very sexy body complete the picture. You will not be surprised to read that I had a very good time.


Tara – 01/10/2019


I have had the pleasure of Tara’s company over two recent dinner dates. I have a weakness for interesting and lively conversation (amongst other things!) and I cannot think of a better companion to spend an evening (or indeed longer) with. Simply perfect, in every respect.


Claire – 01/10/2019

“Claudia recommended that I meet Claire, a new recruit who has just moved from Canada. We met up in my hotel bar for a drink and I was immediately taken by her long blonde hair and beautiful figure, which is well depicted in her pictures. What you don’t see in the pictures is her pretty face. We had a very enjoyable drink in the bar, chatting about a few uniquely Canadian things as well as London. Despite being new to the city she seems very comfortable and at home here. Up to the room where things slowly heated up, and where Claire displayed that some things are truly international. She is very sexy and adventuresome in an truly understated, down to earth Canadian way. I look forward to seeing her again.”


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