Mia – 23/11/2019

“My overnight date with Mia was a really fantastic experience. When I met her in the hotel’s lobby, I was immediately impressed by her look: very tall (in fact taller than me on her high heels,very unusual for me!), dressed in black, long black hair, a bit mysterious… a sexy vampire! During the dinner I discovered her amazing, seductive and friendly personality. Later in the room, I was lucky to experience something very intense with her and understood that Mia had nothing to do with a cold-blooded creature. She is a perfect mix of fire, energy, beauty, tenderness, attention, generosity and willingness to please. A very attractive and playful person who really made my night!
My dear Mia, thank you so much for this amazing moment. I trust this date will remain in our mind for a while, not only because of what we did together, but also because of our unexpected guests… 😉
See you again soon xx”


Mia – 22/11/2019

“Mamma Mia-Wow! As Mia’s guilty ’80s pleasure is Abba, that works on almost every level. Talking of levels, be it O, A or Mmmmmmmm, Mia has the body for you! She is a phenomenon that every man should sample at least once in their life, though as one sees with Mamma Mia, there is always a sequel – You’ll want to cum back for more!
Mia’s profile also refers to how she would like to be Wonder Woman (It’s the tying up that appeals to her apparently!). Well, looking at Mia’s womanly body, any guy will definitely wonder how life can get any better than that and want to wander all over her!
Finishing with the Mamma Mia theme, I’ve always seen Claudia very much as the Meryl Streep of this amazing agency, though she’s got a much better singing voice apparently! Credit as always to Claudia for sorting out this appointment and warning me to get a good night’s sleep before the encounter!
Mia – Thanks so much. I’m going to leave the sordid details of our encounter to remain a secret between us but The Winner Really Does Take It All when in your illustrious company.”


Camille – 21/11/2019

“This was an absolutely fantastic session with a unique girl. As can be seen from my review history, although I am a very experienced punter, I post comments and reviews very rarely. With Camille, I feel duty bound to make public the fact that she is one in a million. Someone to be treasured.

From the moment that I entered Camille’s luxury flat, it was obvious that I had placed myself in the hands of a unique girl. I have been a connoisseur of the female form for over thirty years and in a very active sense. I only date model types or lapdancers. Yeah, I guess I’m shallow but it’s my favourite hobby! Meeting someone like Camille means one hits the jackpot with almost as much frequency as I attempted to meet her G Spot in what was an overnight session that I shall never ever forget. Camille has more charisma and personality in her little finger (and she knows how to use mine!) than many girls have in their whole bodies! She looks absolutely stunning and she is what I shall euphemistically (even on this blow by blow page!) call an experienced sexual wonder woman.
Camille’s body is textbook what i go for and I would venture to say, most guys like even if they don’t share my obsession with models and stunning babes! She is tall and slim with an absolutely exquisite arse. Probably (nay definitely) the finest that I have encountered in all my years doing this. And does Camille know how to use that bum? You bet she can! Wow!! It cries out to be licked, slapped and defiled. Even on here I don’t feel it right to give full chapter and verse. Suffice it to say, it is a tight fitting work of art and arse!

We had sex in four positions, two of which involved the sort of back-breaking effort I certainly don’t put in for all my girls. With Camille, it felt essential to try at least to satisfy her! At no time in this encounter did I feel that it was anything but that magical combination. The holy grail of GFE and PSE. Indeed I would call it a CUM-CAM-I’ll-Be-Very-Satisfied service! By the end of it, my back wasn’t the only thing that hurt!!

Sex in the bath was adventure enough before the noise of water brought on the inevitable – a drenching all over and with the taste of champagne and Camille’s juices proving the perfect way to orgasm!

Not that I really want a model to be cleverer than me (My ego needs satisfying almost as much as my bits and pieces!) but in the case of Camille, it was plain from the get go that I had met my match intellectually as well. She can talk about anything and everything, but in such a charming and sexy way. It seems unfair to the rest of the female species that someone such as Camille exists. The others don’t have a chance! The temptation now is just to see Camille and forget the ‘competition’, though planning 3sum fun will mean that it will never be the same event. Every session will be special. She has ideas that make even an old vixen veteran like me blush!

In short. All I can say is that Camille is the best girl I have ever met. The sex was just out of this world and she tastes as good as she looks!

The old cliche rings true for once – Form an orderly queue and enjoy!!”


Claire – 20/11/2019

“I promised Clair a review and I replied that she would get the worst one she ever seen but that is all because I want her to my self. She is pretty and very open minded as shown on her profile. I had 2 very good hours with her at my hotel and maybe the best girl I ever been with. She is nice and easy too talk to when we had our small breaks and had some champagne. I can only recommend Claire and I would love to se her again.
So Gent’s be nice and polite to Claire (or any of the other girls) and she will take good care of you. Regarding the Bureau I had a nice and easy communication with them. So I will without any doubts get back to them again next time in London.”


Tara – 19/11/2019

“Tara is more beautiful than her pictures. Spectacular blue eyes. We did a dinner date to a local place to get acquainted. She is funny, lively and connects with you on a surprising level. She is a dancer, so she has that creative sense about her that makes conversation flow. In private, Tara simply loves her job. Period. Wow! I’ll need a day or two to recover. I highly recommend this woman. You will not be disappointed.”


Camille – 18/11/2019

Just finished a life affirming overnight with Camille on last night of a busy several day work trip to Europe, The sort of date that lives in your mind for years. Request was based on recommendations here and elsewhere, as well of course as her amazing pictures. Firstly, Camille could have walked out of her photos, which are uncannily accurate. Others have commented on her elfin body and face which are a delight. She had taken great care of her appearance and dress which managed to be sexy. fashionable and just the right side of discreet – I am a sucker for long, heeled boots, and those Jimmy Choos were a pleasure to peel off.

It is clear that Camille is fascinated by sexuality at all levels, and enjoys exploring hers and yours. Being in the intimate company of a beautiful woman possessing great skill and exercising it 100% to pleasure you is a pretty awesome experience. In the course of the evening we abused each other thoroughly with a selection of the contents from Camille’s infamous box of tricks, but also had many more tender moments. Overall, a truly memorable experience and one I would definitely repeat perhaps with one of Camille’s girlfriends. Many thanks Camille and I can only apologise for the inadequate hotel breakfast…I have given them a bollocking.


Samar – 16/11/2019

“An absolute pleasure to spend time with an amazing, luxurious women who has beauty to go with her brains. Stimulated me both mentally and physically. It felt like I was spending time with a genuine girlfriend. For me, it felt like we were love making rather than just having sex. Will be returning in the near future.”


Tara – 16/11/2019

Upon meeting Tara I felt instantly at ease. She has a lovely, friendly and genuine manner and we had a really good chat both before and after the more naughty bit! As for that naughty bit; it was perfect! She is super pretty, has a gorgeous body and the skills to match. It was a truly GFE and definitely felt like “love making”. From what I could tell, she enjoyed it too! Thank you Tara – hopefully we will see each other again soon!


Camille – 13/11/2019

“Oh Camille! Five years later, I got the chance of a rematch. Well the 5 years weren’t kind to me but they left Camille unchanged. Her body still has the waif/pixie like quality. She remains unabashedly uninhibited. Such a friendly girl, Camille remembered our meeting which is quite insane from a memory bank standpoint. We laughed a little, had a few drinks and got down to action.

For those who are keeping count, Camille checks off all the boxes and more. She left me exhausted and spent. Obviously, will see her again.


Virginia – 12/11/2019

“I booked Virginia because my first preference, Celia, was unavailable. But I trust Claudia’s feedback and she suggested that Virginia would be a great choice and I readily agreed.

We set up a late evening date and things progressed smoothly even though it was a last minute date at a late hour. Virginia is a lively, pretty girl. Attractive, funny and seems ready for a laugh. I bet she will be fun to go out with and have a few drinks on a night about town.

Given the late hour, we got down to business relatively quickly and Virginia didn’t disappoint. First, she loves oral – the amount of time she spent, focused on my dick, balls, and buttocks was extraordinary. Her capacity for deep throat and use of hands, tongue, and lips to bring me to the brink was superb! She loves oral, has spent time mastering it and it shows!

She is flexible, friendly and responsive during the act –

2 rounds with plenty of laughs. She left me exhausted and relieved. Thinking of her blowjob makes me hard again!

Recommend? Yes, especially for gents who enjoy receiving BJs (assuming that’s all of us) and enjoy blond curvy ladies! Repeat? Most definitely, once I work my way through the rest of my London wishlist.”


Lara – 12/11/2018

“Lara is an amazing girl. I saw her for a 2 hour appointment recently and it was one of my best meetings ever. High praise. We instantly clicked. Shared a drink as we chatted like old friends. Took a long shower together to get started.

Lara is a beautiful girl and the pictures on Allure are an accurate representation. A tall drink of water, Lara has gorgeous eyes and a ready smile. Good humoured, Lara can hold on a conversation about many topics. Lara comes across a happy, interesting person..

Definitely worth a repeat. Thanks to Allure for arranging a great session again.”


Camille and Mia – 11/11/2019

“As promised to myself after having met them separately, I organised an encounter with Camille and Mia, being sure it would be a success. I was right, this was a perfect match, above all my expectations. But how could I be wrong ? Both gorgeous ladies are so beautiful (legs, legs, legs !), bright with a great sense of humour, a warm heart and they both love so much to play erotic and kinky games, creating a great chemistry. The atmosphere was from the beginning to the end surrounded by an incredibly filthy perfume of debauchery… I can only recommend this duo and have booked them already for another playfulness session!”


Celia  – 08/11/2019

“What a fun person…full of warmth and laughter. Celia is happiness consultant”


Gabie – 08/11/2019

“Terrific personality…genuine…fun. Gabie fits Claudia’s review to perfection”


Virginia – 06/11/2019

“Amazing, attractive, passionate, fulfils every desire – a real star”


Camille – 03/11/2019

“I had the most wonderful outcall with Camille, at a hotel where I was staying for a night. Camille was exquisite and classy, as always, and brought her case of tricks with her. Camille is so perceptive and it’s impossible to put in words her amazing combination of intimacy, humour and eroticism. Camille left me breathless and then sprung a surprise on me at the end – that’s the extra magic that sets Camille apart.”


Rosalind – 3/11/2019

“First, I would like to say thank you to Claudia and all the team at Allure for making the booking process smooth and straight forward – I cannot stress enough how diligent and thorough they are.

Secondly, this is actually my first review, but as I had such a memorable and excellent experience with Rosalind, I thought I would happily share.

I had the pleasure of booking Rosalind for an incall, and I must say I was quite taken aback by her from the get-go. While her pictures do show off her beauty and hourglass figure, Rosalind in person is even more stunning, with captivating green eyes, gorgeous features, a slim, dress-hugging body which curves in all the right places and as Claudia excellently put, a voluptuous bust that is truly a sight to behold.

But not only is Rosalind a perfect 10 on looks, she’s also an intelligent and a pleasant conversationalist. She’s cordial, polite, articulate and a very attentive lover, paying great attention to the needs of her partner.

However, don’t let her sweet demeanour fool you; while Rosalind is a phenomenally sensual GFE, she also has quite the unexpected naughty side to her (and is surprisingly excellent at asserting her dominance in the bedroom, as I can confirm!)

Allure always knows how to choose their ladies, and that couldn’t be more stated in the case of Rosalind.

A true English Rose – absolutely would highly recommend and see again.”


Mia – 31/10/2019

“Saw Mia on a whim at the end of a week long vacation and it was one of the best decisions of my trip. Her pictures are very accurate. She’s a unique woman with an exotic look, eclectic background, and a heart of gold. She is the ultimate pleaser and very good at her job.

In regards to the session, her advertised skills are accurate. She was an exceptional kisser, excellent at oral, and had a body that was made for pleasure. Most importantly, she had the ability to make a tremendous connection that one hopes for when paying for a higher class escort. I’d highly recommend her.”


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