You’ve just had a fantastic new photoshoot in Ibiza. What was it like? Did you enjoy it?
Yes I had the best time in Ibiza. I had never been before as I thought it was a bit of a 1990’s trashy Island, but its actually really beautiful and chilled if you get away from certain areas. There are loads of amazing places to eat and incredible beaches, Im a total beach-baby so this was important. I grew up by the sea so if you let me I’ll swim all day. Also being away with all of the other Allure ladies was so much fun. We all always get on great and its so nice to catch up, have a few drinks and…. well…. get up to the kind of things ladies like us like to do together. I’ll leave that for your imagination as Im not sure its appropriate for an interview.

Are you happy with the results?
​Absolutely, Im so happy with my new shoot. I fell like this shoot shows off a bit more of my personality. Fun and playful but artistic and sensual at the same time. I love my new dance pictures also. Im still a professional dancer and so I do ballet shoots all the time for my other job. Its quite a hard thing to photograph well so Im incredibly happy with these and was impressed by the photographers skill.

I can see that you are wearing a lot of gorgeous new outfits, do you feel it was worth all the effort that you put into it? I think it was worth it but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
Of course. If you want to be an Allure girl you have to look great. A mixture of sophisticated and fun, sexy and glamourous. However, I feel if you want to be a top London escort you need to know how to do all of this in a way where you do not draw too much attention when out to dinner or longer bookings. I want to look great, but only for my date, not the whole room. That is why getting the chance to wear more ‘showy’ or sparkly glamorous dresses for a shoot is so much fun.

I know that you’ve been to a few different photographers. How does our new photographer compare to others?

I’m very pleased with these, the photographer was wonderful. It was my first time shooting with a female photographer and it was a great vibe. I had 2 other girls on the day of my shoot also so it was a very fun girly vibe. The photographer had done lots of glamour shoots in the past and I think this was great for the swimwear etc shoots. She was so good at giving instruction when needed but also allowing me to just do my thing and be my sexy self when I needed to.

Do you think that keeping the photos up to date is reassuring for your clients?
​Of course, its not easy to keep these bodies looking so good so we need to be able to show off how great we continue to look. Equally, its important to reassure the gentlemen that they wont book one girl and have a different one arrive to their door like a cheap agency. Its all about quality for us, so we can all have a great time together.

Would you do a location shoot again or do you find studio shoots easier?
I personally prefer location. I love to travel, so Im more then happy to go abroad for a shoot….well…if its sunny. It was great to get a little holiday out of it also, but really being in an interesting place makes you feel more sexy. I can imagine myself getting into the groove in a boutique hotel room much more then in a white walled studio. Also I love the 1950s vibe of where we shot. It allowed me to be more playful with my outfits. So much fun. Big thank you to everyone involved.

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