You’ve just had a fantastic new photoshoot in Ibiza. What was it like? Did you enjoy it?
I don’t usually like shooting- I’m more likely to be dancing, laughing and chatting on a night out than one of the type to be posing as though about to be papped! If anything the camera turns me unnaturally awkward, which I’m sure many can relate to, however this shoot was actually fun! The whole trip was a lot of fun. It was long over-due to reunite with a blast from the past and to meet some new faces/ characters!

Are you happy with the results?
We are always harder on ourselves than others, but the photographer and her team did an amazing job.

I can see that you are wearing a lot of gorgeous new outfits, do you feel it was worth all the effort that you put into it? I think it was worth it but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
Definitely. There is no cheating on a shoot! The preparation is the only thing you can do to try to ensure good results. You can never be entirely sure what works on the day, but a bag full of lingerie/ bikinis and heels which make you feel good is a body good start! The rest is in the workouts and eating as clean as possible, but I find that helps to achieve a positive mind and life always, though be assured that I am no angel!

I know that you’ve been to a few different photographers. How does our new photographer compare to others?
I have never felt so at ease on a shoot. Photoshoots not my favourite thing, but the photographer worked out how I work best instantly and her, and her team were so friendly and professional that it was a pleasure to work with them.

Do you think that keeping the photos up to date is reassuring for your clients?
It can feel like over-kill particularly if you work hard to maintain a consistently good figure and aren’t usually a fan of the process, but I suppose this gives the reassurance that some need in order to know how a lady looks currently, without any confusion.

Would you do a location shoot again or do you find studio shoots easier?
I absolutely loved the location aspect. It gets a bit dull working from studios with the same backdrops as you see repeatitively on line. It can be difficult as I feel awkward shooting in crowed places, however the photographer went over and above to select coves and cubby holes where I could feel more myself.

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