About Fleur


French kissing, Reverse Oral

OWO, deep throat, CIF

Anal play (both ways)

Rimming (both ways with giving at full discretion)

Spanking (both ways) spitting (no)

Toys and role-play

Uniforms owned are : School girl, Japanese doll schoolgirl, secretary, police woman, Wonder Woman,
army girl, sailor girl. Along with corsets and bondage gear galore

For couple bookings there will be an additional fee of £100 for the first hour and £50 for each additional hour.

Please note that all services listed above have been given to the agency by the lady herself as she has said that she would like them to be advertised on her profile and that she would be happy to discuss them with you on meeting with you BUT please note that they are always at the sole discretion of the lady and she ultimately has the right to refuse any services listed above without having to give any reason for doing so.


1 hour:
1.5 hours:
2 hours:
3 hours:
Additional hours:
Dinner date n/a £900
(2 hrs at dinner plus 2 hr of private time)
Overnight up to 12 hours n/a £1700
(starting at 7pm or later)
Overnight up to 14 hours n/a £1900
(starting at 6pm or later)
24 hours:
48 hours:
Additional days:


32E Natural
UK shoe size:
UK 5, EY 38
English, Italian, conversational French
Incall Location:
Nearest Tube:
Gloucester Road or High Street Kensington

Non smoker but you may
Sexual orientation:
Large tattoos:
Intimate piercings:
Favourite Duo Partner(s):
Gabie and Evie
Favourite Restaurants:
Zuma, Sushi samba, Petrus, Aqua, The Fat Duck,
Favourite Cuisine:
Japanese is absolute favourite
Favourite Drink:
Gin and Champagne
Favourite Perfume:
Diamonds by Emporio Armani or L'Heure Convoitée II bt Cartier
Hobbies and sports:

I love to travel and explore new places. I love art-seeing and creating it; music, musicals and theatre. I also enjoy swimming, skiing, kayaking and yoga (especially Bikram yoga!)


I am a quintessential English rose, bubbly, upbeat and intelligent; some would some would even go as far as saying addictive....

I have warned you!

I have an elegant innocence which is discrete yet tantalising. In public will allow you to feel at ease but never bored with me. My innocent appearance deceives you behind closed doors, having a thirst for knowledge and passion I strive to fulfil your desires, which is a massive enjoyment for me as you will see.

Providing a girlfriend experience with a twist, I am your lady for longer dates entertaining you with intelligent and interesting conversation then continuing using my mouth and body in ways that will linger in your memory for years to come.

My body is curvaceous and 100% natural and is made for these stimulating dalliances, whether you are a breast or a derrière gentleman with me you do not have to choose you can have the best of both worlds!

Intrigue is the drive for all my deepest desire and I am equally intrigued by you.


I like...

Sharing… Experiences, secrets and passion.

Exploring… Minds, bodies, places, you name it and I would love to explore it with you.

X-rated… Fun, conversation and people.

My strengths..

I am a people’s person. I am extremely easy to get along with and a great lady to let your inhibitions loose.


If her outstanding beauty, amazing body and gorgeous natural breasts aren't enough to convince you to see Fleur then you probably won't care either that she's also a fully trained gymnast...

Many of Fleur's clients have commented on the fact that she just doesn't stop smiling and she is genuinely one of the friendliest, sweetest ladies that you will ever meet and the feedback on her is outstanding. Fleur is a very open-minded lady and if you are looking for an erotic adventure and wish to explore new avenues of fun then she might just be the perfect girl for you as she loves expand her  knowledge of all things erotic. It's certainly worth reading her bio and interview to hear it directly from her or just skip to Question 33 if you don't want to read all of it.

Fleur is available to meet you for an incall at her apartment in Kensington, which is 5 minutes walk from Gloucester Road Station or she is equally as happy to visit you on an outcall at your central London residence or hotel. International travel bookings can also arranged but with notice due to her freelance career outside of escorting.


Fleur's next available dates are..

Monday 19th February: 2pm - 6pm
Tuesday 20th February: 1pm- 8:30pm
Thursday 22nd February: All day


Advance bookings outside of these times are possible so feel free to ask us.


Fleur has limited availability due to her freelance career outside of escorting and her next dates are at the bottom of this section. On the days that she is available she needs a minimum of 1 hours notice for all bookings including incalls.

Please note that bookings to London airports such as Heathrow will take an absolute minimum of 2 hours notice.

International bookings can be arranged with a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you are interested in a longer booking then please use the advance booking form rather than calling us.




1: Why do you escort?

I love meeting gentlemen that have a different insight to the world than I do, to be lying naked next to an intelligent stranger with both our barriers down, this is when the most amazing things can happen, sex, conversation, secrets all kept between these two (or three) people. For me this is escorting and why I love it, a intriguing and extremly sexy secret.

2: Do you genuinely enjoy longer bookings?

Yes definitely, whether it be naughty or innocent to titillate each other over extended periods of times is exciting for me. Longer booking are my favorite type of bookings as we both get to explore each others desires.

3: Are you adventurous enough to go away for a few days with a gentlemen you haven't met before?

Of course! Adventurous is my middle name! Lets see if you can keep up with me :D

4: How bothered are you by snoring?

Doesnt bother me at all, I have the best cure for it

5: What is your favourite position?

I feel it really depends on the individual although, I love you deep inside me so you being on top with my legs over my head would do the trick wonderfully.

6: When out in public, do you enjoy being the center of attention?

Discretion is paramount, therefore I feel it is best to blend with the rest of public but if we find a quiet spot all my attention will be towards you.

7: Are you the kind of person who knows what all the little forks and spoons are for when at fine restaurant but at the same time do you enjoy a beer and a slice of pizza?

I do know my forks and spoons and when it is appropriate to use them, although I can not fault ordering a pizza and eating it in bed in nothing more than our birthday suits.

8: When it comes to travel, do you prefer culture (e.g. museums, art, ruins, marvels...etc) or recreation (sand & surf)?

I love both! I would spend a long weekend exploring culture, with a little bit of recreational fun and a week or more being recreational with intermittent doses of culture.

9: Your date would like to take you out for a day of culture. What sorts of evening cultural events do you most enjoy and least enjoy for a date?

I love all types of artwork. Dance, painting, sculptures, photography, architecture I will be like a child in a candy shop if we go somewhere with anything involving the arts. The only reason I wouldnt not enjoy an evening of any type of culture would be if you were not enjoying it. I am excited and intrigued by what interests you.

10: Your date is an energetic sportsman and is a master of every sporting discipline imaginable! What sports activities do you enjoy or would be prepared to have a go at or do you prefer just leisure activities?

Snap hehe ... I am a very sporty young lady and I love to try new sports and have a person beside me to experience with. I enjoy skiing, water sports (kayaking, attempting to windsurf, sailing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc) the driving range. Racket sports such a tennis and badminton, I can play, although I am not as good as I would like to be maybe you could show me a few tricks. Yoga, gymnastic, dance and anything along those lines im sure I could teach you a thing or two.

It is high on my bucket list to learn to rock climb as I would love to go on a wild rock climbing holiday at some point in the near future.

I also have a bit of an adrenaline love, skydiving as of last year is my new favorite activity, and along the lines of extreme sports I would love to try kite surfing.

I am also a fully train swim teacher and coach

11: If you were to champion a cause, what cause or charity would you choose and why?

Neuroscience research would be a cause I would champion, as I feel the human brain is an extremly important aspect in every person's life and to understand fully of what the brain is capable of and how it works could help towards many other charities and causes.

12: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

To live; I am a city girl, New york has always been a place I would want to live for a few years, although London is the city for me. I feel extremly confident and comfortable in this city and think it brings out the best person in me.

13: If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would it be and why?

Do I have to pick only one place?!?

On my recent list of places I haven't been before and would love to visit would be: Bali, The Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina, Seychelles, and New zealand

The two places I have fallen in love with are Rome and Japan.

Rome I feel is just so magical, it is a city with so much to see and so much history.

Japan is amazing the people are so welcoming and it is familiar, yet extremly unfamiliar at the same time, so many variations of things to see and do. Also the food is to die for!

14: What is the smartest thing you have ever done?

Educationally graduating my degree but personally going traveling last summer alone around many countries was a huge achievement in my eyes, it also allowed to see many beautiful and interesting things which has sparked my curiosity and creativity.

15: What bores you?

Not much! I am extremly easily entertained.

16: When you were younger, say 18, could you have ever imagined that you'd be escorting now?

Not at all, I was a very angelic innocent young lady and in one year everything got very exciting and adventurous, so I would say at 18 it would have never even crossed my mind but at 19 it was the start of many adventours.

17: What in your opinion makes you sexy? Quick correction - Sorry I mean sexier?

I would have to say my natural persona and my enthusiastic nature.

18: Which of your body part of yours do men/women compliment the most?

My bottom and my breasts have equal competition, I love trying to sus out whether a person is a bottom or breast fan.

19: When you see a sexy guy which is the first body part you look at (before you realise you are staring)?Eyes, as cliche as it sounds I was once told eyes were the window to the soul. Personalities intrigue me and being intrigued turns me on more than you can imagine!20: In your opinion, how many persons would the perfect sexual experience involve?Two although I love to have the naughty thresome occasionally.21: Which item would ruin a date if forgotten at home?I agree with lovely alice, manners being left at home would ruin a date.22: What makes you laugh?I giggle at almost everything but for me to have a really deep belly laugh it would usually consist of me doing something silly unintentionally. I also love a bit of cheeky humour.23: Do you prefer high heels or flats?Heels all heights appropriate to the event.24: Your date would like to plan a multi-activity day. What elements of activities would you combine to make up your ideal action packed day?For London - Breakfast in a beautiful location, an action packed day needs a good healthy fulled start. Day activities could consist of a visit to a gallery, a spa visit, a trip down the thames , shopping, a cooking class or maybe even some yoga up the shard or any other sporty activities. Heading for a few cocktails and dinner, evening activities could consist of west end theater show, wine tasting, dungeon visiting (hehe) , a strip club, the opera, or a casino. Ending up having a wild evening back at our place after our fun filled day.The elements involve having an extraordinary day getting to know each other in beautiful locations, fine dining and an overload of excitement in your own personal way.25: Your date would like to buy you a gift, but is concerned not to make an unwanted purchase. Are there gifts that you simply have to many of, or which would be best avoided? Underwear, shoes and bags are great gifts and a girl can never have too many of them. The best gift is the gift of an experience. I love flowers although I feel they are not discrete.26: Over dinner or at the Theatre it becomes apparent that your date is exhausted - but is desperately trying not to let it show! How do you react to ensure a satisfactory evening?Suggest a coffee and to head back to the hotel, looking after his every needs at the hotel and setting him up for a blissful night sleep.27: Your date would like to take you out for lunch / dinner. What sort of restaurant environments do you feel most comfortable in and why? I am a very easy going young lady and I feel very comfortable in most places, when you are relax in your comfortable environment so will I be.28: Your date is concerned that conversation may run dry over a lunch / dinner date. What conversation topics are always safe go-to conversation savers for you?I can talk on absolutely any subject and can 100% promise there will be no dry conversations! If I don't understand or am unfamiliar I will certainly be interested in learning more on the topic.29: What is the most embarrassing situation a client has put you in on a date? Are there other such situations that you would really like to avoid in future?Pretending it was my birthday in a restaurant and having all the staff sing happy birthday to me! haha! Please dont do this.30: If you could chose freely amongst all the persons in the world, living or dead, who would be your number one choice to have between your legs?Jude law or Gerard Butler.31: Your date is single and starved of affection! Frankly, there seems to be no end to his amorous intentions! How do you manage the 'situation'?In the bedroom if he is starved of affection I will definitely feed him affection, soft kisses warm cuddles and lots more! Although in public I prefer to be only very discreetly affectionate.32: Your date is very keen to please you - in fact just as keen or even more keen than you were to please him! However, he could do with broadening his range of skills in the bedroom but is too shy to ask you to help guide him. How do you manage the situation to ensure your mutual satisfaction?Of course I would guide him, the human body is complex!33: What is the one thing clients never or rarely ever ask for that you wish they would ask for?If they could spank my cute little bottom ?34: Your date is a somewhat older gentleman who feels self-conscious about being seen out in public with such a beautiful and so obviously much younger lady. How would you propose to make him feel less anxious / self-conscious in such a situation?I feel there would be two ways to go about this depending on the person. The first would be to dress appropriately; modest cute and subtly sexy, whilst keeping displays of affection very discreet although slipping in the odd kiss and touch in the moments people arent around. The second would be to completely entice the gentleman so he overcame his self-consciousness and didn't even realise there were other people in the room :)35: If a client voices a stupid opinion to which you disagree, would you tell him/her so or would you nod in agreement? I really do not find any opinions stupid, although if I disagreed with an opinion I would definitely say and i would love to hear how this opinion was formed so maybe I can understand, who knows if there's enough logic to your reasoning I may even come to change my opinion. I once read that a conversation is not worth having if it is just agreements, therefore small disagreements leads to the best conversations.36: If a client gave you £500 and told you that you had to spend it that day, what would you buy?Lingerie to wear for him ... a gift for us both!37: What is your favourite quote?“You never know what life is like, until you have lived it.”38: What is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything?Who knows! But lets try and explore some of those meanings together



  • Angelus,

    Again, Allure have shown me they’re the best agency out there; services, profile and pictures are accurate. It’s almost rare to see these days.

    As for Fleur, I was looking for the perfect meet but this was beyond perfection. Fleur has raised the bar to another level. I’ll keep this review short and sweet since I’m speechless. I don’t think I’ll experience one hour like that ever again. An experience and memory that I will truly cherish.

  • Mark,

    There are no words to describe my 4 hour lunch date today with Fleur. Just simply outstanding, top of the tree etc etc. What happened between us after lunch will stay between us. Having said that her presence at lunch was a breath of fresh air.
    What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. Me thinks I might sleep well tonight.

  • J,

    What can I say about the lovely Fleur that I haven’t already said? From the moment she entered my hotel room , my eyes lit up with joy. Great company over dinner, great in the bedroom, waking up next to her the following morning and she is looking as sexy and beautiful as the moment she entered my hotel room. Absolute bliss all round. Hope to see her again soon xx

  • H,

    Fleur is as gorgeous and friendly as all the other reviewers have mentioned. She was so quick to set me at ease and was laughing (and making me laugh) within the first 30 seconds! She is even more pretty in the flesh and her performance is out of this world. Highly recommended!

  • J,

    I’ve had the pleasure of previously seeing Fleur on four occasions albeit all were shorter bookings. She is as I said on my first review, “stunning, beautiful, yet unassuming about it all”. She is also easy going, a warm heart and just the most amazing company so with that in mind I decided to book her for an overnight. Had an amazing time, the perfect dinner date, companion and lover. She is not only the best at allure but one of the most amazing women I’ve set my eyes on and spent time with. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say she is 10/10 in every respect! As I said before highly recommended! Can I please keep her to myself? 😉

  • Ande,

    Fleur is not just a beauty on the outside but also on the inside that together with bedroom scills and affectionate it is a hard to find many girls her class.
    As she arrived to my hotel she had this great smile on her face and gave me a great hugg and kiss. After siiting down and having some champagne to drink we got on with a great conversation. She went to the bathroom and changed a very sexy lingirie with black stockings and suspenders my jaw just drop and my cock went straight up “wow”. This was just the start of sexual trip with Fleur. We started on the couch with so DFK and from there we had the first session on the couch after that we moved into the bedroom were things got even hotter with a lot of different sexual play, there was no limit to our fantasies and we accomplished a lot duering our three hour meeting. I can really recomended to book Flear for longer meetings as this brings it to an other level. So my very best recomdations to Fleur and Im happy to seen her and for sure there will be new meetings for me with her.

  • Meljaques ,

    Fucking hell, I have just had a sensational two hours with Fleur. I will need some more to recover. I would like to have her to myself but think my life expectancy would plummet. Wow!

  • J,

    Fleur is amazing! What can I say, wow! Arguably the best sex i’ve had. She is stunning, beautiful, yet unassuming about it all. Highly recommended! Can I keep her to myself?

  • J

    Did I ever mention Fleur was addictive? I saw her for the first time in 6 months only two days ago and now I want to see her again and keep thinking about her and visualizing her! Amazing woman! xx


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