About Cassandra


French kissing, OWO, COB

Anal play (giving), rimming (receiving)

Spanking (giving - receiving, if it's playful)

Toys, outfits, uniforms, role-play

Couple bookings are not possible

Please note that all services listed above have been given to the agency by the lady herself as she has said that she would like them to be advertised on her profile and that she would be happy to discuss them with you on meeting with you BUT please note that they are always at the sole discretion of the lady and she ultimately has the right to refuse any services listed above without having to give any reason for doing so.


1 hour:
£300 + taxi
1.5 hours:
£400 + taxi
2 hours:
£500 + taxi
3 hours:
£700 + taxi
Additional hours:
Dinner date n/a £700 + taxi
(2 hrs at dinner plus 2 hr of private time)
Overnight up to 12 hours n/a £1500 + taxi
(starting at 7pm or later)
Overnight up to 14 hours n/a £1700 + taxi
(starting at 6pm or later)
24 hours:
48 hours:
Additional days:


32B natural - 24-24
UK shoe size:
UK 4, EU 37
Incall Location:
Gloucester Road
Nearest Tube:
Gloucester Road

Non smoker but you may
Sexual orientation:
Large tattoos:
Intimate piercings:
Favourite Duo Partner(s):
Lara and Brigitte
Favourite Restaurants:
Nobu, Zuma, and for true romance it has to be Clos Maggiore
Favourite Cuisine:
Everything, I'm a real foodie. But sushi and dim sum are particular favourites
Favourite Drink:
Craft gin (with tonic naturally) or Billecart Rose Champagne
Favourite Perfume:
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb or Dior Ambre Nuit
Hobbies and sports:

Fashion, beauty, dancing, the gym


Vivacious and ambitious, well-spoken and well-heeled, adventurous and charming, these are just a few words that have been used to describe me. Combining a true British private girl's school education with natural intelligence, sharp wit and a decidedly dirty giggle, I believe I'm the perfect companion both in and out of the bedroom. I simply adore the company of a refined gentleman, the thrill of that initial flirtation, forming that special connection and taking our time exploring each other's fantasies and bodies.

Ladylike and proper on first meeting, behind closed doors I have a voracious sexual appetite that I can't wait for you to discover...

I like..

Long country walks, stolen kisses, lazy days spent in bed, wisps of lace lingerie on soft skin. Sensual and tactile, my likes and loves revolve around sensorial experiences made all the better for sharing.

I dislike..

Goodbyes, though lingering farewell kisses almost make up for them.

My strengths..

Confident and intelligent, I revel in challenging conversation and battles of wit. Unafraid to speak my mind and with a clear idea of who I am and what I want out of life, I am no shrinking violet. Strong, passionate and adventurous with a glass half full approach to life, dates with me will always be full of excitement, laughter and so much more that you'll have to discover for yourself on meeting me...


We are absolutely thrilled to see the return of Cassandra, a well liked and well reviewed lady who was with us last year.

Cassandra is a posh British beauty in her mid-twenties. She is privately educated, very well spoken, intelligent and eloquent and I would consider her the perfect companion for those of you seeking a genuine GFE companion. She would be incredibly good fun on a duo with Lara but is equally good on her own.

Cassandra has a full-time day job so just dabbles in this world in the evenings and weekends, so please consider this when booking her and respect her time.


Next available on...

Thursday 5th April -  7pm till late

Cassandra will need to know by midday about any proposed bookings for that day.

Cassandra has very limited availability due to her full-time day job and she is only available on the days and times above.

International bookings are not possible.

We are happy to ask Cassandra about any advance bookings in London for any dates that you might have in mind and would prefer that you do this via her booking form.


1: Why do you escort?
For fun! Secret liaisons are wonderfully tantalising don't you think?
2: Are you adventurous enough to go away for a few days with a gentlemen you haven't met before?
I don't think I could ever be accused of not being adventurous! I love to travel and can't think of anything better than spending time away with a charming companion.
3: How bothered are you by snoring?
I have a dog that snores louder than you could possibly believe, I'm well adapted
4 : When out in public, do you enjoy being the centre of attention?
I'm no shrinking violet that's for sure, but I would like to think I'm just as good at listening as being the centre of attention myself.
5 : If you were to champion a cause, what cause or charity would you choose and why?
I currently support a few charities, including animal shelters and women's education projects
6 : If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
The British countryside. Nothing beats it, especially in the winter when you can cosy down after a bracing country stroll.
7 : What is the smartest thing you have ever done?
Achieving a First Class Honours in my degree. I'm now also studying part time to really drive my career forward.
8: Which of your body part of yours do men/women compliment the most?
My eyes - they're very expressive!
9 : Which item would ruin a date if forgotten at home?
Manners. Manners maketh man after all.
10 : What makes you laugh?
Lots of things! I don't take life too seriously and am always quick to laugh.
11 : Your date would like to take you out for luch / dinner. What sort of restaurant environments do you feel most comfortable in and why?
I love everything from super slick London haunts to sitting by the fireside in a cosy country pub.
12 : Your date is concerned that conversation may run dry over a lunch / dinner date. What conversation topics are always safe go-to conversation savers for you?
Fortunately, I'm a chatterbox and can talk about pretty much anything that takes our fancy. I wouldn't worry!
13 : If you could choose freely amongst all the persons in the world, living or dead, who would be your number one choice to have between your legs?
F. Scott Fitzgerald - I find his writing extraordinarily romantic
14: Your date is single and starved of affection! Frankly, there seems to be no end to his amorous intentions! How do you manage the 'situation'?
This is why longer dates are always my favourite. We can take our time, savour each other's company and I can almost guarantee he'll be worn out before I am...
15: Your date is very keen to please you - in fact just as keen or even more keen than you were to please him! However, he could do with broadening his range of skills in the bedroom but is too shy to ask you to help guide him. How do you manage the situation to ensure your mutual satisfaction?
I'm not shy and am more than happy to lend a helping hand
16: What is the one thing clients never or rarely ever ask for that you wish they would ask for?
Snuggles! Honestly, it might seem overly-cutesy, but nothing beats snuggling up and enjoying each other's bodies
17: Your date is a somewhat older gentleman who feels self conscious about being seen out in public with such a beautiful and so obviously much younger lady. How would you propose to make him feel less anxious / self conscious in such a situation?
I have always preferred to spend my time with gentlemen older than me. Age is merely a number.
18: What is your favourite quote?
“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
19: What is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything?


  • Red505, 20/04/16

    Saw Cassandra on the recommendation of Claudia, Thank you Claudia. We meet at the restaurant for dinner, then back to the hotel where we spent the next hour getting to know each other over drinks. We retired back to the room where we continued to get to know each other on a different level. All I can say is Thank You Claudia for setting this one up. Cassandra is a delight to be around and her comment “ I believe I’m the perfect companion both in and out of the bedroom” is spot on. Looking forward to getting together again.

  • Michael N.,

    I had seen Cassandra’s photos and I have a soft spot for posh English women and also redheads. So, Cassandra is all of that in one and she has the most amazing personality (very warm and engaging). We met at the restaurant and indulged in amazing food (Nobu) and whilst the food was amazing it was not nearly as amazing as conversation with Cassandra. We enjoyed our food, conversation was enjoyable and revolved around travel, education, etc… and then we retired to my hotel for more conversation and time to ourselves. She is a woman with a zest for life and I look forward to seeing her again. My only regret is that I did not think to ask for a longer date in the first place or for more dates!

  • Harry,

    What a charming girl Cassandra is. Had a fantastic time with her, the only downer being that it was only an hour but it was one of the best hours ever. She is lovely, very easy to get along with, as pretty or even more so than her photos and very sexy indeed. Thanks Cassandra and will look forward to the next time.

  • BriW

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra and Brigitte together. This was my first time with Allure. As a start, let me say, just WOW! The discussion with Allure was flawless as were Cassandra and Brigitte. What you see is not who you get…. it is better than photos.

    Great conversation with two stunning women. No need for a detailed explanation of what followed. Simply put, this was a memorable time with two beautiful women who gave and received pleasure. The time was not rushed. I truly enjoyed getting to know them( in this short time) . I will return soon.


  • Gary

    I saw Cassandra for a 90 minute meeting at my hotel. Cassandra is just delightful in everyway, smart, well educated and attractive.

    We started off with some roleplay: Cassandra was my naughty Personal Assistant, she got me aroused imediately and we had great sex.

    Thank you Cassandra and to Claudia and Sarah as well.



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