1: I know we can’t talk about bookings that have already happened but instead can you describe your dream date for us? How would it start? Where would you go? How would it end?  Don’t leave anything out.

“I’ve got a soft spot for gentlemen; treat me like a lady and I’ll be sure to make you feel respected and adored… meeting in a bar and having a drink to familiarise myself with what my date desires is an instant win for me; I’m very cerebral and the mind is the biggest erogenous zone so some playful flirting and tactile behaviour before we get between the sheets is to be expected. It’s very sexy to be in a public place and have my date whisper to me what’s about to happen when we are in private. I’ve become known for my naughty and playful nature so don’t be surprised if I run my hand up the inside of your leg whilst smiling at you innocently.

I’m a kinky girl so my tastes are all about exploring fantasies… I adore slow and sensual play and often like to get the grown up toys involved. I enjoy taking my time… a slow strip tease or maybe some role play that leads to my body being explored and in turn me exploring my date; edging each other to pleasure over and over again would be divine.

I take great satisfaction in pleasing a man and have found that when asked to do a tantric massage I can offer a heightened and different kind of pleasure too; it’s the ideal way to say Thank you for spending time with me and making me feel like your favourite toy that you’d want to revisit and use again and again.

2: If I were to ask you the same thing but this time for a weekend away with a gentleman. What would your perfect weekend for two look like?

I adore the water so a weekend by the coast would be wonderful. All that sea air certainly does something to my already heightened libido. It’s great to escape city life for a moment and be amongst the elements. How lovely to wake up with a man and having a play before we head out for a blissful walk along the beach and then go straight back to our room for hours for sensual play with no time constraints. I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures… treat me good and I’ll treat you better; it’s really as easy as that. I’m free spirited and a lover of the great outdoors; it definitely brings out the wild in me.

3: Now describe your dream vacation.

I would love to go and explore Fiji. It has so many natural beauty spots to discover… of course some time luxuriating on all the beaches would be lovely but deep down I’m an explorer and would love to share the intimacy of experiencing the sensory delights of what can only be described as paradise. How wonderful to indulge in the culture, arts and ideologies of a place that couldn’t be further from London life.

4: What have been your favourite gifts so far?

Oh I have been throughly spoilt by a few but my favourite gift has been a beautiful dress which I was asked to model during our date; such a lovely thoughtful gift… after all; the best dresses are worn purely for the purpose to be taken off.

5: What lady on the Allure site would you really love to duo with but haven’t done so yet?

Well now, I’ve been lucky so far I must say; I’ve already had a sexy soirée with the gorgeous Celia but recently the stunning Camille has been my playmate and we’ve got such a wonderful chemistry. But to be fair; I think all the girls at Allure have something special and unique to offer… can’t I play with them all or am I just being greedy? 😉

6: When you’re not escorting what do you enjoy doing in your personal time?

I’m a creative so I’m usually taking photos or writing… I’ve a very popular kink based blog that includes my erotic fiction. Kudos to the fellas that can find me on the web; no doubt you’ll enjoy what you find on there; it’s a little bit naughty.


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Mia’s Perfect Date