“I was a little nervous of meeting Lara after the previous reviewer, but Claudia told me she genuinely believed he was wrong, so I took the date.
Claudia as usual was so right,
Lara got of the train along with quite a few other passengers, and boy did she stand out from the crowd.
Tall 5ft 10″ with heels wearing a Coral Dress, her hair blowing in the breeze, she was stunning, In one way the photos on her site are not quite right, they fail to show her fresh complexion and the overall wow factor.
I took her to a classy Hotel for lunch where I was recognised, she immediately went into business mode and prevented what could of been an awkward situation with great skill.
Back at my flat she exceeded my expectations and was simply quite lovely, this girl is brilliant in all respects, No graphic details from me, all her skills are listed and I was so pleased I took Claudia’s advice.
This girl is great value of money, and yes I would certainly love to see her again but there are quite a few more I want to see as well.”

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