July 2019

July 2019 Feedback

Celia – 23/07/2019

“Celia and Sylvie thank you for a great evening. Every aspect was stellar and unforgettable. A duo is every boys dream. Well dare to dream, if you can dream it, then you can do it and these two girls of utter perfection will lead the way. Thank you.”

Juliette – 21/07/2019

“Rarely write reviews but Juliette really made my day yesterday and am still enjoying the memory of our wonderful encounter. She has an extremely sweet and engaging personality and we could have talked for hours had we had the time – but talk soon turned to passion and she is the most fantastic lover! Was only an hour but enough to know I have finally someone to return to next time am in London!”

Iris – 20/07/2019

“Iris was absolutely brilliant. Incredible. I don’t even know where to begin with her. Excellent conversationalist, great at making me feel at home. Great body (as you can no doubt see by now), better brain. The hour we spent together was full of laughter and nonsense and I absolutely loved it. I’d revisit anytime. Highly recommend!”

Camille – 19/07/2019

“Camille is the real deal. She is a rare combination of beauty, brains, intimate yet raunchy all rolled up in one. I had the most amazing afternoon with Camille; a truly memorable experience.”

Samar – 19/07/2019

“Two hours later and I’ve still got a big grin on my face – but no match for Samar’s beguiling smile. What a fascinating, beautiful girl she is; and creatively naughty too. She knows what she wants and also how to give the best in return! My first, but definitely not last, visit. Spectacular!”

Georgia – 18/07/2019

“Seen Georgia 4 times now. Asked her to greet me in gym wear. Natural beauty and curves in the right place.
Very good conversationist and has a sense of humour. Loved giving her oral and she enjoyed very much too.”

Celia – 15/07/2019

“Lovely time with Celia, who was extremely fun, friendly and enthusiastic. Couldn’t have asked for more – unforgettable time with this wonderful lady. Looking forward to seeing her again!”

Gabie – 10/07/2019

“I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Gabie for the first time when she was kind enough to entertain me at her smart new flat at short notice after one of her colleagues became indisposed. Gabie was a well prepared hostess despite the short notice and looked stunning in a beautiful two piece mini dress that clung to her in all the right places showing off her petite yet beautifully curvy figure.
Having not met Gabie previously I had quickly checked out her reviews, all of which confirmed that she likes a laugh and I can confirm that this is very true. If you don’t find yourself enjoying Gabie’s zest for life and friendly personality then you probably need to take a look at yourself.
I always think twice before adding any detail about the more intimate part of the date, but in this case as Claudia had described Gabie as being “as wild as they come” I think it is right to add some flavour of her talents, a good example of which is that whilst she has only moved to her current flat within the last fortnight, and the living room remained empty of furniture, the bed is already rigged up with ankle and wrist cuffs – her priorities I guess.
In conversation Gabie described herself as simply unable to get enough action to satisfy her libido, even with her current hobby, so whilst she was very willing extremely responsive to the attention that she received, and I literally gave the task at hand my best shot, I doubt that I managed to achieve any more than get her motor running before leaving her unfulfilled when we parted.
I had a wonderful time, and am sure that I barely scratched the surface of this debauched young ladies’ wants and desires. Pocket rocket is a great description of Gabie, my advice to the guys is to make sure you bring a well loaded gun and your best game!!
Thanks Gabie – in my experience second dates are usually even better than first meetings so I look forward to next time.”

Virginia – 09/07/2019

“Met Virginia for the first time at her place. She has a truly engaging personality, is very easy to get on with and made me feel very welcome.
Virginia is also stunningly beautiful with a body built for mischief and an intention to explore her desires to the full. She is very good at what she does and suffice to say that we were both very sweaty by the end of our time together. In conversation between exercising Virginia was very keen to understand and explore both yours and her own sexual boundaries, except I’m not sure that she has any or at least hasn’t discovered them yet.
Virginia feels a bit like an undiscovered treasure, her profile generally sitting quietly towards the foot of the Allure models list, without her perhaps getting the same exposure as some of the established superstars. Believe me this young lady is great company and is sensational in the bedroom, I get the impression that this hobby is just part of a sexual journey for Virginia and long may it continue.
We discussed some very rude ideas for a second meeting – can’t wait to try them out.”