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Now that you have discovered what you can expect from us and what we ask of you and if both appeal to you, all that is left is for you to complete ALL of the questions below and click on “Send”, we’ll get back to you as fast as we can
Date of birth
Dress size
Shoe size
Your Measurements (bust, waist, hips)
Are your breasts: NaturalEnhanced
Are you open-minded? YesNo
Can you accept incalls? YesNo
Can you travel? YesNo
Language you speak
For which other agencies have you worked?
Do you understand that we are an exclusive agency?
Please send us up to 4 photographs of which two MUST be selfies (1 face and 1 body shot). You may also provide us with the url of a webpage on which your pictures appear.This could be an agency website or simply your instagram.

Please note that all pictures are for internal office use only and will never be shared or published.

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