Jacqueline is new to Allure but has already gotten of to a great start with an excellent review from one of regular clients whose opinion we trust implicitly and he thinks that she is fabulous.

Jacqueline’s photos were taken at the very end of August and the allow you to see how she looks in different situation from casual and relaxed to dressed up to the nines and then onto the studio shots were you can see what a fantastic body she has. As you can see from the photos Jacqueline has an absolute peach of a bottom and we thinks she looks just wonderful when she’s wearing nothing but her birthday suit!

Jacqueline is very well educated and very intelligent (Oxbridge graduate) so if smart women intimidate you, then she’s probably not the right lady for you. However, if you like well spoken, posh English girls that can go toe to toe with you in a debate then we’d consider her to be the right candidate.

Duo’s with either Sylvie or Lara are also highly recommended.

To view read more about  this wonderful new English escort then please check out her full details on her personal page which can be found here…

Jacqueline at Agency Allure +44 207 183 1094