General information

1: Is the escort in the photo really the girl I am going to see?

Yes. We guarantee that we meet every lady before deciding if she’s right for Allure and if Allure is right for her. It’s very much a two way decision and we feel that we can only do our best for a lady and for our clients if we get to know her.

There are no exceptions to this rule.


2: What can I do if I don’t like the lady when I meet her?

Sometimes people just don’t click. So if you are unhappy with your chosen escort you are not obliged to stay in her company.

If you decide to cancel the booking you must do so within the first ten minutes and if this occurs the lady would appreciate her travel costs being paid and a cancellation fee of £50 applies.


3: Can I get in touch with the escort and book her directly?

No. Our ladies choose to be represented by an agency to avoid the “hassle” of having to arrange their own calendar and negotiating their own fees.

Too many ladies complain that clients pester them for their email address or phone number. Many say that some clients feel rejected or “let down” when the lady does not acquiesce to their demand and it can often ruin the memory of a perfectly enjoyable meeting with someone. We would ask you to be a gentleman and not to press the lady for information that she may not want to give.

For those of you who wish to contact a lady directly there are many excellent independent escorts in London and Europe who will be delighted to have you as a client.


4: Are the rates negotiable?

At Agency Allure we try to keep our rates as reasonable as possible, whilst still having some of the very best companions that London has to offer, so our rates are not negotiable.


5: Is there an extra charge for couples?

Couple bookings will attract an additional fee equal to one third of the lady’s rate for the duration booked.


6: When do I pay the escort?

All fees must be paid directly to the escort within the first ten minutes of the booking in either Pounds Sterling.

At present we are NOT accepting US dollars or Euros as the exchange rate that the exchange bureaus are offering is significantly different from the internet rate which results in the agency losing money as we are obliged to pay the difference to the lady.

We would suggest that you give the lady her fee in an unsealed envelope with the first ten minutes of the booking. It is always best to ask her to check it in front of you. That way you can both be sure that it is correct.


7: Can I have a discount if I become the ladies regular?

Many of our ladies, especially those at university, rely on the extra income from escorting to pay for their tuition or perhaps they are saving up for something special, so please do not for or expect discounts.


8: Do I have to pay taxi fare if the lady visits me

For a full explanation of our Taxi Fare Policy then please go to our Taxi Fare Policy page but for a brief summary then please refer to the three points below.

: A contribution to the lady’s taxi fare is applicable on ALL outcall bookings.

: For all bookings after 10pm full taxi fare both ways must be paid.

: For all bookings outside the London postcodes of W1,WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3 full taxi fare must be covered at all times of day.


9: Does the lady expect a tip

Gratuities are not expected but are gratefully received and solely at the clients discretion.

Although it should be said that if it’s a longer meeting such as a dinner date or an overnight, a gift such as chocolates or a bottle of perfume makes it feel like a “real” date. I’ve never met a lady that doesn’t adore being given a gift by a lover and perfume is always a winner 🙂


10: Why are the services at the ladies discretion

When dealing with human emotions different days bring different reactions and what is acceptable and indeed pleasurable to the human body can vary from hour to hour. Please respect the decision of the lady and bear in mind that we can have no influence over these matters.


11: If we get on, can I contact the lady again after the booking?

All of our lades value their privacy and your discretion and as such they would prefer all further contact to be arranged by the agency.

We would also like to state that the agency does not accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise from you giving your personal information such as an email address or phone number to a lady. For your own peace of mind, our best advice is don’t do it.


12: Can we just meet for a drink to see if we get on?

Our ladies charge for their time. Whether it’s coffee, a walk in the park or something else entirely the lady will expect to be paid her full fee as stated on the site.

We do not waive full payment for social meetings nor do we offer reduced fees.


13: Can I book one of your ladies for a duo with an escort from a different agency?

Most of our ladies are friends and would be prefer to duo with someone that they already know socially and this can only increase your enjoyment of the experience, however, we will of course do all that we can to fulfil your request. We will however need to know who the other lady is and run it past the Allure lady first.


Travel Costs and Deposit

For all bookings outside London we require a 35% deposit and the travel costs for the lady are to be paid upfront by either bank transfer or Western Union.

Travel costs are to include her flight, taxi to and from the airport and other expenses occurred whilst travelling. So, in addition to the cost of her flight, we ask for £300 to be paid upfront to cover taxi fares and food and drinks whilst at the airport.

All travel costs must be showing as “cleared funds” before any tickets will be booked.

If the booking is far in advance then the 35% deposit can be paid later but it must be showing as received 48 hours before departure or else we assume that you no longer wish the booking.

Should you need to cancel your booking BEFORE the lady has set off on her journey to you, your deposit will be returned to you in full (minus any transfer fees) and you may nominate how this is done.

However, should you need to cancel your booking AFTER the lady has set off then we should come to a mutual agreement on compensation for the lady’s time but this will depend on how far into the journey she is and it is not unreasonable for her to expect to be paid for one or two hours of her time at her normal rate.

For trips that are at short notice i.e within 48 hours then we would recommend that the travel cost and deposit are transferred by Western Union and the same rules apply re. cancellations and the lady’s time and expenses.


Distance and duration

Short-haul flights within mainland Europe would require a minimum overnight booking or longer.

Bookings outside mainland Europe must be for a minimum of 48 hours in duration.

The booking will be deemed to have started when the lady arrives at her destination and ends when she checks in for departure.


Long haul Flights – Business vs Economy

Please remember that when the lady is with you she is a companion and whilst we fully expect her to enjoy her time with you we would urge you to remember that she is still working and is expected to behave in a professional manner. Therefore, in order for you to fully enjoy the benefit of her companionship, we recommend that for flights longer than 6 hours, the lady should be booked into business class. This is to ensure that she arrives refreshed and ready to look after you.

If you do not want the expense of a business class flight the lady may agree to fly economy. If this is the case then we insist that you allow the lady to arrive the day before your booking, to stay in a suitable 5* hotel room paid for by you, so that she can relax and be able to greet you the next day feeling refreshed, looking fabulous and being full of energy. In these instances your booking will begin when the lady arrives with you at the original start time of the booking and you will NOT be charged for the previous day.

N.B If you are in any doubt about anything written on this page then please email us and we will be happy to discuss the procedure with you.


Can I depend on your discretion?

Of course! We will never divulge your personal details, phone number or any other data to anyone not even to the escort that you are meeting as we take privacy and discretion very seriously.

Should the occasion arise that the lady that you are meeting has difficulty in finding your apartment or cannot find you at the pre-arranged meeting point, we will call you first and ask if it is ok to give the lady your phone number.

We never assume that it is ok to give out your number without checking first.


We rely on your discretion too…

We also rely on the same high level of discretion from you, as do our ladies.

Discretion is just as important to the lady that you are meeting as it is to you and here are a few small points for your consideration.

Please respect the ladies privacy at all times, this means during your booking and especially afterwards. Please don’t divulge their identity to others whether it be to other clients that you might know via online forums or to other escorts.


Remember, always treat the lady the same way that you would have her treat you, especially when it comes to discretion.

It is always best to avoid asking overly personal questions of the ladies such as “what is your real name?”, “where do you attend University?” and “where do you work in your real life?”. For most of our ladies escorting is a fantasy, a chance to step outside of themselves and throw caution to wind whilst still knowing that they are safe to enjoy a romantic and passionate encounter with a stranger that has no lasting consequences on their “real life” or their future.


Talking about their day jobs, family and friends can smash that illusion, as can talking about bookings with other escorts

There are many things you can talk about and many romantic and intimate things you can do with your time so why spoil the encounter for both of you by talking about these things?

Also, if you talk about other escorts, the lady will then be bound to wonder if you are going to talk about her to the next girl that you meet. This will not be conducive to an intimate encounter as no one likes the thought that they may be gossiped about.


As they say “discretion is the better part of valour”

And a gentleman knows this….