High Class Escorts; Agency vs Independent Escort

When you initially start to search the internet for a high class escorts you will be faced with a plethora of options. You will come across both escort agencies and independent escorts.

Agency escorts are represented and marketed by an agency; meaning that if it’s a high class escort agency you would expect that someone has met, spoken to and verified that this person is real. You would be wise to be wary of agencies that do not meet all of their girls. Also, that their professional photos depict a true likeness to the young woman and that they meet the agencies “style” and standards. Then all arrangements to meet with the high class escort are taken care of by the agencies receptionist. You will not be able to have direct contact the lady of your choice prior to the meeting as these girls have busy lives outside of escorting. They prefer to have an agency take care of all of the arrangement for them, leaving them to just enjoy the fun part of the meeting.

When I meet a potential Allure lady I look for punctuality, a face and body that matches the photos sent in, an engaging, positive person, well presented and someone that is open minded and enthusiastic. It is important to know the young woman’s motivation to become an escort. I have met many young women that we simply would not feel comfortable promoting to our loyal clientele because they do not meet Allure’s style and standards. We know our client base and strive to provide you with dates that are fun, kind, beautiful and seductive. We are not here to just present you with pretty girls that are not going to make you feel anything less than incredible about yourself.

Independent escorts are solely responsible for their own advertising, they work alone and you would contact them directly. Like in any business, since they are representing themselves, price and authentic photos is something to watch out for. The range of independent escorts is broad and it’s a mine field so do not be tempted by lower prices and lots of selfies. A reputable independent escort will always want to talk to you before agreeing to meet with you and you should agree to this in order to make her feel comfortable with you. These ladies are vetting you just as much as you are vetting them and no top independent escort worth her salt will not accept a meeting if they do not feel comfortable with you. Nor will they accept the booking if they do not feel that they are both compatible with each other and you should be glad about this. If an independent escort does not take the time to have a short phone call with you first before meeting then you might want to wonder why not?

Many independent escorts have a social media presence which they will use to show you what a meeting with them will be like. It’s definitely worth seeing if the independent escort that you wish to see has a Twitter page s that you can get a glimpse of the “real” girl. But please don’t bombard her with direct messages and they to remember that you are not actually a client until you have paid to met her. Being too pushy at the start might mean that the lady decides not to see you and right so!

Whether you prefer indies or agencies just remember  the golden rule which is to be well mannered and respectful of the lady’s time and her privacy.

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