Holiday Opening Hours

Holiday opening hours

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful regulars old and new. Holiday season has arrived! It has most certainly been a funny old year but much better than 2020 I think we would all agree. This holiday make the most of it and meet an Allure girl under the mistletoe.

Whether you are planning a cheese and wine business meeting a’la 10 Downing Street, a trip to Winter Wonderland for mulled wine and a ride on the waltzers or good old fashioned Christmas drinks with your work pals in town to celebrate then we are open for some festive fun.

Our holiday opening hours are as follows:

Friday 31st December (New Year’s Eve) – closed

Saturday 1st January – closed

Sunday 2nd January – closed

Monday 3rd January (Bank Holiday) – open as usual

We will be enjoying a few days break to celebrate but fear not we will be open between Christmas and New Year if the turkey sandwiches get stale and your idea of fun is not a 5th game of Monopoly.

If you want to get in some playtime before the Christmas break then do not hesitate to call us on 0207 183 1094. Advance bookings are recommended especially as some of our wonderful ladies such as Suzy, Anya, Zoe and Mia are part time, therefore are only around on selected dates which are detailed on their respective profile pages. Week commencing Monday 13th December is the last full working week before the holiday period so we want to ensure that you can see your favourite lady before Father Christmas arrives. Santa hats optional, Bucks Fizz necessary!

On behalf of myself, Sophia and Amanda we would like to wish all of our gentleman a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wherever you are spending this holiday season we hope that you have a fantastic time; eat, drink and be merry!