Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Allure. Enjoy 4 hours for the price of 3 when you go for evening cocktails with one of our gorgeous girls.

With the longer nights drawing in we could all do with a bit of sparkle in our lives. What better way to brighten up your day than a cocktail or two with a gorgeous girl followed by some private time?

At Allure dinner dates do not have to be just dinner in a restaurant. They can also be lunch dates, dinner dates at home or they can be cocktails with bar snacks. Either way the concept is simple: 2 hours of social time and 2 hours private time, 4 hours in total but you only pay for 3.

We are still surprised when we hear that so many of you think that when you book a “dinner date” with one of our ladies that you have have to pay for 4 consecutive hours. You don’t!

Furthermore, how you choose to spend the 2 hours “social time” element with the lady is something that we are fairly relaxed about, so much so that you can even do a dinner date in the comfort of your own home. However, if you are planning on taking up the option of cocktails on the town just remember to let us know in advance so that the lady can have something substantial to eat before you meet as no one wants a drunk date! 

With so many bars in London to choose from it was hard to narrow them down for the purpose of a short blog. You could write a book on the many drinking haunts of this wonderful city. Many offer an array of bar snacks so you can have something to eat without it being as formal as a sit down 3 course dinner.

How could we forget that this time last year we couldn’t go out? It is time to be social and enjoy yourselves with a beautiful young lady.

Here are our top picks of London’s best bars…

The Chelsea Pig by Timothy Oulton

The corner of Old Church Street has had a swish makeover thanks to interior designer to the stars, Timothy Oulton. Classic Timothy Oulton upholstory, plenty of soft leather seats, chandeliers with a moonstone bar and even a diver in a tank this quirky but wonderful pub will definitely be the perfect venue for a date. Not just your local boozer this place has champagnes, innovative cocktails and an incredible menu. What’s the secret to the Chelsea Pig’s success? It’s simple. Take a general manager that has worked at the Arts Club, Claridge’s and Annabel’s, an internationally renowned interior designer and a Michelin starred chef and you have possibly the worlds greatest pub. Don’t expect a bag of cheese and onion and a fruit machine but expect luxury, creativity and a bloody good drink.

The Pod Bar, Sky Garden

There is just something about a rooftop bar but with the temperatures dropping it’s nice to be cosy indoors. The Pod Bar will keep you warm whilst you can see right across London. A wonderful array of cocktails can be found at this beautiful spot. They have a live DJ in the evenings, isn’t it just so wonderful to be out when a year ago we were all cooped up at home. This is the time to make the most of things and live a little. If you want that holiday feeling go for the garden rum cup, it’s a Pina colada with a twist! If you’re feeling peckish then by day there is a good selection of sandwiches and salads on offer. By night they have sliders, cheese boards and platters to share. You will have incredible breath taking views of London with a breathtaking beautiful and alluring lady.

The Blue Bar at The Berkeley 

How could we not include this old favourite? Possibly the best hotel bar in London, it’s lively but intimate and they serve some amazing cocktails. Whether you are sat in the old side or the new glass pavilion extension this place truly has that wow factor that will surely impress any date. I always find the staff to be on top form, always smiling and joking along with you but they also know when to allow you to enjoy your drink. Everything at The Berkeley is exceptional and The Blue bar is no different. The small bites menu is even fabulous! Braised beef short rib croquettes with a smokey barbecue dip or toasted truffle brie and Wiltshire ham sandwich on milk bread anyone? You could make it a date to remember and order the Beluga caviar and a bottle of Dom Perignon or you could be a little more conservative and order an innovative cocktail from their Meta menu and a some hotdogs with mustard. The Blue Bar is practically an institution and it feels so glamorous and sophisticated yet not up it’s own backside and pretentious. It’s impressive but oh so casual and cool.

Go, have fun and enjoy with one of our beautiful ladies and don’t forget to tell us how amazing it was!