Gabie’s latest review…

“Sometimes the fantasy doesn’t live up to reality, you tend to have a idea of how the meet will go, and generally pray it goes well…..well when I first met Gabie I knew straight away that this was going to be something special. My day hadn’t got off to the best of starts, but being in Gabie’s presence made me forget in a flash. Her manner and charm are utterly adorable and she’s so much fun to be around, and as for the other, well lets just say she drove me wild with lust and still does! I truly hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did, and if not then I will just have to go back and make sure!!! Xx

To view read more about this wonderful girl then please check out her full details on her personal page which can be found here…”

Gabie at Agency Allure +44 207 183 1094