Heidi – 21/02/2020

“Allure has discovered yet another superstar and with a name that I remember from my childhood and holidays in the Swiss Alps. Heidi certainly has two mountain ranges well worth full exploration-The most wonderful natural 34E weapons of mass distraction that I have ever seen! Heidi also has an engaging personality and she is a pleasure to be with-All the pleasures one can ever want from a girl. Sexual, spiritual…It was like being with a real girlfriend-Heidi exudes warmth mixed with filth!

Thanks as usual to Claudia and Sophia for pointing out to me that Heidi’s new pictures had been added recently-She loks even better in the flesh and close up (With Heidi the closer the better) and Heidi’s beautiful smile would lighten up any room.

Heidi wants to please you and makes sure throughout the time togerther that your needs are being fulfilled. Heidi is so ”Yummy yummy”, I could not resist going down on her to the tune of Justin Bieber’s latest-It’s written about Hailey Baldwin’s vag and the joys of oral sex, so what could be more appropriate for my own Heidi Beauty’s very tasty nether regions!
”Yummy, yum. That yummy, yummy. Say the word, on my way.Yeah babe, yeah babe, yeah babe” and also a line that could not be more appropriate for Heidi whose riding skills in every sense are legendary:
”Bonafide stallion. u ain’t in no stable, no, you stay on the run. n’t on the side, you’re number one
Yeah, every time I come around, you get it done”

As I said to Heidi, the only disadvantage of those fantastic new pictures is that the two photos of her next to her stallion are no longer on the site-Heidi is a skilled horsewoman-Indeed we incorporated dressage and undressage as part of the session and Heidi whose bedroom is stocked with the most adventurous of toys! But all of this done in such a ladylike way and with Heidi’s gorgeous eyes which seem to change colour every time she cums…so it was like seeing all the colours of a rainbow during our session-Heidi’s orgasms are loud and erotic. And frequent!

On seeing me out, Heidi said ”If I don’t see you again, it was great meeting you”. ”If” ??!! I’ll be seeing Heidi many more times and I cannot recommend her highly enough


Helena – 13/02/2020

“When I saw the pictures of Helena on the Allure web page, I thought: «I must see her. She looks just like a woman should look». However, she had not received any reviews, and normally, I never book ladies that have not been reviewed. But I have earlier made several bookings with ladies from Allure, and they have all been beautiful, they have all been dressed properly when arriving, i.e. they have all worn dresses that were sexy and elegant, and they have all been interesting to talk to and fun to have fun with.

So, I made a booking with Helena on a Friday evening in early February. At the agreed time, I heard a soft, gentle knock on my hotel room door, I opened and there she was, looking like a goddess.

She wore high heels, black stockings, a figure hugging black dress with discrete gold trimmings; her face was really beautiful, and her long brown hair was simple, yet perfect.

I invited her in to my room, asked if she wanted something to drink, and we sat for a while talking. We talked about current shows that could be seen on stage in London, we talked about movies old and new, and more. She also talked about her home country Australia, and tried to convince me that the many dangerous animals one can encounter there seldom are to be seen in the big cities. She almost convinced me that visiting Sydney or Melbourne could be relatively safe. She also told me some interesting facts about her business, facts that were new to me and very good and useful to know.

I will not go into details about what happened after this, but for me it was extremely enjoyable, and I got the impression that the wonderful Helena also had a good time.

I will definitely see her again, and hopefully, it will be soon. I do not live in the UK, but I visit London regularly, and I will try to see her on all my upcoming visits.


Samar – 12/02/2020

“Being Valentine’s Week, I wanted to spend time with Allure’s Scheherazade-The absolutely wonderful Samar. It was the most memorable of experiences and thanks as usual to Claudia and Sophia for arranging it for me.

Samar is absolutely stunning and has a way of making you relax from the moment you enter her lovely apartment. For me an early indication of a top class friendly girl is when they assume that a guy won’t be able to work out how the shower operates and do it for them without being prompted-Samar passed that test immediately!

She has the cutest of laughs and an accent that would make one go weak at the knees were it not for the fact that I was already almost legless just by looking at her stunning body-From every angle she is so gorgeous.

Samar is great company and can talk about anything-This makes the time with her even more precious. A lyric came to mind about her that I think could not be more appropriate and we watched the video together-”Who needs to go to sleep, when I got you next to me?”. We then did indeed get physical to the sounds of Dua Lipa ! Samar agreed with me that another Dua lyric was just as appropriate-”He calls me the devil. I make him wanna sin” and oh my goodness, we did a lot of sinning together! I won’t go into all the details-Indeed if you want to know just how to sin with an Arab princess, you’ll have to find out for yourelf! Here’s a clue to how the devil was satisfied-4 positions, plenty of orgasms and the most climactic of final climaxes!

As an early Valentine’s gift, this couldn’t be bettered and I certainly won’t wait till next year’s to see Samar again. It was an outstanding experience”


Heidi – 06/02/2020

“Arrangements were perfectly organised by Sophia, as always. Heidi is as good looking / beautiful as her photos show, if not more so, being almost more youthful than they portray. Lovely set of underwear soon revealed. Heidi is not just good at sex, she thoroughly enjoys it and that comes across immediately. Great figure and lovely soft skin as well as a glorious head of blonde hair. In some ways she almost lacks confidence in her own looks and ability to please; she has no need as she’s very good at what she does! She comes easily and often and is happy to go the extra mile to please. She is definitely a girl to see again.”


Camille – 03/02/2020

“What can I say that will do my date with Camille justice………stunning woman with a cracking body and an amazing personality – so much fun to chat with and ticked every box I could have imagined when the talking stopped. From the moment I stepped into her lovely flat I knew that I had made a great decision to see her. She’s beautiful, sexy and a complete superstar. She made me feel very at ease and wanted to know about me the person and what desires I may have and then went about fulfilling every one of them and others I hadn’t even thought about!!! She left me speechless and breathless . Will I see her again? You bet I will – it would be hard to go anywhere else after that. She even showered with me at the end and washed me from top to toe – an evening I will remember for a long time! Thanks to Camille and the agency who were the best!”


Camille – 03/02/2020

“Met Camille the previous evening, and had such a great time that I wanted (and luckily was able to) see her again the next night for even longer.

Not only is she gorgeous and a ton of fun, she’s also both a sweetheart and an intelligent interesting individual.

Highly recommend!


Chloe – 02/02/2020

Chloe , is relatively new to Allure , but will be a Bright Shining Star if the she so chooses . Elegant , with very good taste , loving , passionate , trim , taught , terrific , and with great energy and athletic skill , she can seduce any bird off any tree. Francoise Hardy sixty years on , a touch of High Class , intelligent French Perfume and Luxure in London. Thank you so much , Michelin Six Stars.


Samar – 02/02/2020

“Samar is the perfect mix between a gracious , beguiling , charming Geisha Girl , and and a sexy , tempestuous , tough and feisty Trader Girl , reflecting in both cases beauty , talent , and character. . . She has the softest skin in London and the Best Taste in underwear north of the Thames , and not of the armored car variety . Six Stars Michelin , Thanks Marcel”


Camille – 02/02/2020

“Camille is certainly British Champion , and if there was a World Championship she would probably be Champion. Charming , Seductive , Amusing , and with a terrific personality , Six Stars Michelin . Thanks Marcel”


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