Terms and conditions on payment, travel, taxi fares and general information can be found here.
As can etiquette regarding longer bookings such as overnights and trips.


All fees must be paid directly to the escort within the first ten minutes of the booking in Pounds Sterling.

If you wish to pay in an other currency then please let us know before the the start of the booking.

Please note the we don NOT use the internet rate due to the fact that it is never what the lady revives at the exchange bureau.

For an accurate rate please go to

In addition to this you will have to pay an extra 10% on top (up to the value of £50) to cover the lady’s taxi fare to and from the exchange shop.

If you do not want to pay this additional fee then we strongly encourage you to exchange the money yourself and pay the lady in GBP.

For all bookings that are longer than an extended overnight then full payment should be made by bank transfer as it is not really fair to expect the lady to return home carrying an unnecessarily large sum of cash in her handbag.