How do I pay the lady?
There are two ways in which you can pay. The first is by bank transfer and this is recommended for all longer bookings, such as dinner dates or overnights. Not only does this save you the hassle of having to go to the bank, it also doesn't spoil the fun or romance with talk of money. If you have to cancel the date, we can either keep it as credit for your next booking or we can refund you. The second is with cash at the beginning of the meeting. We request that the envelope is handed over within the first 10 minutes and that you ask the lady to check it. This avoids any embarrassment that might arise from a mistake being made.
Can I pay in Euros or Dollars?
We can accept any foreign currency but you must let us know in advance. However, all foreign currencies are subject to a 10% surcharge. There are no exceptions to this. This extra fee is to cover the lady's time and cab fare when exchanging it. Initial exchange rates are based off the "buy back rate" on this site Best Foreign Exchange. If you wish to pay the internet rate that is found on sites like XE.com then you can do so by making an online transfer 72 hours prior to the booking. We highly recommended Transferwise for all online transfers. If you do not want to transfer online or pay the 10% surcharge then we respectfully suggest that you make the exchange yourself and pay in GBP.
Are the rates negotiable?
At Allure we keep our rates as reasonable as possible, so the rates are strictly non-negotiable. As we have some of the best ladies in London, you get what you pay for. 100% guaranteed!
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Can the lady visit me at Heathrow or Gatwick?
All of our ladies are happy to come and visit you at either Heathrow or Gatwick airports. Just remember that these locations will require a minimum of 2 hours notice and full cab fare must be covered for either airport. Bookings to Gatwick must be a minimum of 2 hours in duration.
Do you arrange International travel?
Of course we do! Just remember that for all bookings outside London we require a 30% deposit which can be made by bank transfer and the travel costs for the lady are to be paid upfront. Please see out Travel Page for more details on our terms and conditions.
Can I see the lady in Paris for one hour or Dubai for an overnight?
I'm sorry but this is not possible. All bookings to mainland Europe must be 24 hours in duration. All bookings outside of Europe are a minimum of 2 days.
If I don’t like the girl what can I do?
Sometimes people just don't click. If you are unhappy with your chosen escort you are not obliged to stay in her company. If you decide to cancel the booking you must do so within the first ten minutes of the booking. Should this occur then a cancellation fee of £50 applies.
How do I make a booking?
If you would like to make a last minute booking, i.e on the day, then please contact us by phone on 0207 183 1094. This number does not accept text messages.
Can’t I just email you on the day?
You can but I cannot guarantee that I will be online at the time. I only recommend using email for bookings with more than 24 hours notice. 
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If I make an email booking do I still have to call you to confirm?
YES! The reason for this is that we do not do business with anonymous people. No phone call means no booking. Sorry if this isn't convenient for you but our ladies safety comes above everything else.
Are you sure that we can’t just do it all by email or sms?
Well, if you are ordering Domino's Pizza then of course you could! However, we like to talk to our clients. We like to ask them questions and for them to tell us their criteria. Let's face it, you are spending a minimum of £300 - surely a quick phone call is worth it to ensure that you get the right girl.
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