Our Canadian Miss Sunshine, Emmanuelle had a new photoshoot taken at the end of Summer 2018 and we’ve now had the chance to fully update her page and there are now twenty three brand new photographs of this sexy young lady online now. You can view all of them on her personal profile page which can be foundĀ here…

Emmanuelle is in her early to mid twenties (24 to be precise) and therefore she has a natural fresh and youthful look about her. Her healthy glow is probably aided by her super healthy lifestyle which consists of daily trips to the gym (she never misses a day) and her vegetarian diet. Thankfully she’s not totally squeaky clean and she does enjoy a drink or two every now and then so if you are looking for a lively young companion to go out partying with then she could well be the perfect choice for you.

Emmanuelle is a vivacious and lively girl with an easy going nature and even though she is still quite young she has quite a few regular clients who book her for longer appointments so if you are thinking of spending the evening with someone don’t let her age put you off as I can assure you that it will not be a problem.

Emmanuelle at Allure +44 207 183 1094