Congratulations on your new photoshoot. I think your photos are fantastic. What was the experience like? Did you enjoy the shoot or not?

Thank you! I’m very pleased with the photos. He did a fabulous job. The photoshoot was definitely a better experience than I expected. It was a bit daunting travelling to a place I had never been to have photographs done but it was so worth it.  Also, once I got to know the photographer, it became a completely natural and fun. I was also really able to be myself in front of the camera. I don’t think I’ll ever use any other photographer again!

Do you feel it was worth all the effort you put into it? Also, are you looking forward to going back in Summer or are you dreading it?

Oh, it was absolutely 100% worth it. The only effort was the travel, but the photoshoot was an easy and (surprisingly) stimulating experience. I feel like all of the photos convey how sexy and seductive I can be while remaining completely natural. I left the photoshoot feeling very confident and looking forward to the next shoot in the Summer. To be honest, I cannot wait to get naked on that beach!!

You’ve bought some stunning new lingerie and I’ve really seen your look improve in the few short months that you have been with us, do you enjoy shopping for lingerie or is it just part of being an escort?

Hahaha! Well, I have to confess that lingerie shopping is one of my guilty pleasures! I feel so sexy in lingerie and stockings! It’s also very satisfying to open up my underwear drawer to have it full of colourful lace and silk.

One of the delights of being an escort is having the opportunities to dress up in lingerie and beautiful clothing. I can definitely say that while I’ve been at Allure, my style in all areas has improved. There is something fantastic and playful about going to dinner wearing a full set of lingerie under a cocktail dress!

What’s your favourite lingerie brand at the moment?

For right now, I’d have to say Honey Birdette. Although I love many other brands as well. Honey Birdette has high-quality and seductive lingerie. I also really love Fleur of England as well. I think their pieces are delicate and feminine.

Ok, moving on, you’ve been at Allure now for since last Summer. I have to ask you this, how are you finding it? What do you think of the “Allure” clients? C’mon don’t be shy, you can tell us…

I have nothing but good things to say about Allureand the clients! I’ve felt welcomed by all of the girls from day one. The agency is well-run, the site is beautiful, and because it is a boutique agency, it has a tight-knit group of girls that make you feel like you are part of the family.

The clients are the absolute best that I have encountered. All of the men (and women) are amazing company, in and out of bed. The clients I meet are worldly, interesting, well-travelled, and so much fun to be around! The time flies and I’m left wishing we had more!

Restaurants – I can see that you enjoy the usual suspects such as Nobu and Hakkasan but what other places have you discovered since moving to London? Also, any favourite bars that we should know about?

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying quite a few wonderful restaurants in London. One of my favourites is J Sheeky, a seafood restaurant in Covent Garden. I have a big soft spot for seafood, and oysters especially! The food and service were impeccable. But what made it stand out was the atmosphere. It had a happy and relaxed energy that I found easy to enjoy myself in. Other favourites are Aquavitand Sexy Fish.

As for bars, I always find myself drawn to Hotels Bars. I think they can draw an interesting crowd which is usually visiting from other places. My favourite bar at the moment is Dukes Bar,at Dukes Hotel. They are known for their martinis and is said to have inspired the James Bond martini. The atmosphere is classy, but fun and relaxed. Plus, I love feeling like a James Bond girl.

I know that in the past we’ve discussed you being a vegan. How do you manage on dinner dates?

Well, to be honest, I’m really not as fussy of an eater as one might think. At home I am because I really like to take care of myself and definitely consider myself a health and fitness lover; eating the way that I do has helped me achieve my healthiest results! But, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a soft spot for seafood. Going on a dinner date is what I would consider a treat and who doesn’t like treating themselves?! So, I’m definitely open to tailoring my diet to satisfy my cravings and to suit my company as well.

Now I know that you have recently moved to your own apartment in Chelsea. Is it easier being in the centre of town now? Also, what do you like about the area?

Oh my gosh!! It is such a relief living in central London now. I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t realise how much I would actually love it. I am closer to the gym (which is an absolute must), and I can make my flat my own. It is still in progress, but I really feel like I’ve made it a cozy home.

The area is amazing. I have lived in a few places in London, and Chelsea takes a slice of the cake. I have a thing for architecture and homes. Nothing makes me happier than strolling around the area and seeing all the gorgeous places that people live in! I really like that I am close to Sloane Square, Victoria station, and some of the best shopping and restaurants. It’s nice to have everything in your backyard.

So, what made you decide to move to London and become an escort? Was it a desire to travel? Had you been thinking about it for a while or was it just a spur of the moment decision?

Ohhh, there are many reasons! London as a city makes me feel passionate; I love the history, architecture, people, and entertainment! But I have always loved to travel, so being within close proximity to other countries has its perks. One of my favourite topics to discuss is travel. Also, I love to pick peoples brains about the places they’ve been to and their favourite cultures.

I had been thinking of moving for a long time – since I was a young teenager! I was just waiting for the right opportunity and seized it when it came along. When I want something, I can be incredibly tenacious and will work hard to get it. No matter what anyone told me, I was going to make the move happen.

I hear that you met some of the girls on their regular Saturday morning brunches. What did you make of it all?

The girls are absolutely amazing. The general vibe was that we were all old friends getting together for brunch. We laughed and got to know each other, and I appreciated their individual personalities. I especially got along with Brigitte; we have a lot in common, and she is a ray of sunshine! Sylvieand Laraare such a laugh, we were cracking jokes and making each other giggle the whole time. I can honestly say that I’m excited to get to know them better.

So you and Brigitte are becoming gym buddies then? 

Yes, we sure are. I’ve been looking for new areas of fitness to get into, and we’ve already been discussing what classes we’re going to go to! It’s great to have a friend that has a passion and appreciation for fitness like I do. Not only that, she is a healthy eater as well. I feel like we can bounce positive energy and ideas off each other. Nothing motivates like a bit of healthy fitness competition!

Do you wish you had gone sooner?

Absolutely! We could all be best buddies by now, haha! I’m looking forward to the weekly brunches to come.

So, out of the girls that you met, that you haven’t done a duo with already, who would you most like to duo with and why?

That’s a hard decision, as all the girls are gorgeous and fascinating!! I would have to say Lara. She has a vibrant, sexy, and energetic personality. She exudes confidence which I think would be super sexy to see in the bedroom. I’m very open-minded and kinky especially when it comes to duos, so I would I would love to see the type of ideas her and I could come up with. It would be an adventure to say the least!

Lastly and I always have to ask this one as love hearing the answers but what is your favourite book?

I’m glad you’ve asked this. I have a strong passion for literature – I have been reading novels since a young age. My favourite novel of all time is ‘Green Darkness’ by Anya Seton. ‘Green Darkness’ is a tragic romance about two lovers that can’t be together. It’s a long read but absolutely riveting and detailed. Out of all the novels I’ve read, it has stuck with me the most! I reread it every couple of years.

I also have to mention ‘Wuthering Heights’, an absolute classic. And the ‘Mists of Avalon’ by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which is a fantasy novel based off Arthurian Legends. As you can tell, I have a thing for historical period pieces.