“Caught a couple of reviews on Camille prior to my trip to London and thought that we might enjoy each other’s company. Dealing with Allure for the setup was painless and easy to follow.

Showed up at Camille’s door and she let me in with a smile, dressed in a tight dress and heels, in her small but comfortable incall. We opened the wine I brought and chatted for a few minutes before I headed for the shower. I came back and she was opening her shopping bags from her trip to the sex shop that day. Condoms and lube of course, but a new vibrator and several other toys, which she assured were for her unless I wanted to try them. We agreed that I would try them on her, starting with the nipple clamps. She unwrapped her dress as we DFK, and then popped her lovely little pink nipples out from her bra. We tried them, and she gasped in pleasure at the pain, but could only tolerate them for a few seconds. I tried one, given that at times turnabout is fair play, but it was not my favourite either. She opened the vibrator but then realized she hadn’t bought batteries, so took them from the TV remote, but only had 2 and it required 3.

Back to DFK as I undressed the rest of her lingerie outfit, as we discussed what we liked. I told her that I was pretty sure we liked the same things, and we agreed on that. She gave great OWO for a while, but we had to hold off a bit as I was quite excited, and moved to 69 whereupon she slowed down and gave lots of BLS. She was moaning and twitching, and then I added FIV, and then FIA, and she forgot what she was doing for a while and just enjoyed it. After a while of that, we moved for the cover and I said let’s go directly to A levels. She grinned and pushed me on my back, straddled me in ACG and told me this is how she likes to start. She slowly lowered herself onto me ad was all the way down in just a minute, and then she proceeded to bounce all the way up and down for a good 10 minutes as I held her ass or both of her arms behind her. We were both moaning and yelping, and I noted that I was going to come soon and wanted not to come in the condom, she rolled off and asked for it in her face. Done. 4 days worth exploded all over her face, and then she used my cock and her fingers to rub it in and put it into her mouth and then drool it back out. Very sexy if you like that sort of thing, and I sometimes do!

We released each other and she went to the bathroom to clean up, spit and rinse, and was back in a few minutes with her alarm clock, which had a 3rd battery. The vibrator was back in play. We chatted and had wine, enjoyed a cigarette, and after a while we were back at it. I warmed her up with some DATY and then we covered up the vibrator and put it in. I then turned it on, but it was on full power and she started to squirm in pleasure right away. I then turned on the rabbit ears and she went wild, grabbing my ear and biting my shoulder…so I took it out. We figured out the lesser settings and went back to it, whereupon she had a stupendously deep orgasm after about 10 minutes, and blushed at the intensity.

She then claimed it was my turn, and asked for some face fucking. Always happy to oblige, I straddled her face and we went to work. After some vigourous treatment, I asked for some DT and she said let’s go as far as we can. I slowly pushed it in, and at several times, as she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye, stopped and then went a little deeper, getting to about 6 of the 7 inches. She held it for 10 seconds or so and then I pulled out and she drooled all over my tip and herself. I looked at her and said “Again?” She simply smiled and started to engulf me. We repeated two more times before I simply had to fuck her, and we moved to cover up. Her neck and chest were soaked to dripping, and so were my balls. We started in mish with lots of DFK, then moved to spoons and on to scissors, before rolling into lazy doggie. All the while she was talking about how much she loved at and after a few minutes in LD, she noted that her “pussy was taking a real pounding”. I asked if she wanted a break from that and a trip back to Greece, and she smiled and pulled me out and simply put me in her beautiful bum and I resumed a softer pace until she urged me to go harder. I did, and ended up being ready to come quickly. I rolled over onto my back and she gave me a HJ/BJ to another explosion up in the air into her face and hair. She said he was going to keep the shot in her hair “for later”.

More chat and wine, a quick shower and off into the London night I went, certain to return.”


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