I’m not one for ever writing reviews as I never seem to have the time but this is worth sharing. Claudia was kind enough to send ONE photo of Iris across after I had booked Rosalind for an evening and I immediately agreed that I should see both as it was the first week of their time at Allure.

Both ladies provided excellent conversation at the bar prior to our time alone and both were dressed impeccably and had a great vibe together. I may have been the envy at the bar.Now here’s the good and bad news. The good news is that no other duo has ever come close to providing the debauchery these two did. They ravaged each other as well as showing me the time of my life. Claudia and Allure have shown me an exceptional selection of women over the years but nothing compares to the knock out punches of Iris and Rosalind together. Their sexual skill set is beyond anything you can ask for.
The bad news is that they have set the bar so high for a duo that it may fail to ever get better!

Both are natural and full of energy and come off at first as the girls next door and then you find yourself with the XXX-rated girls next door once they get alone.

Needless to say this will happen again.
Thanks again.


Iris and Rosalind at Allure 02017 183 1094