Dinner Date At Home

Dinner dates at home – the new normal

At home and bored? Why not invite a lady over for a dinner date at home, it’s the “new normal” way to do it.

Take one Deliveroo menu, a bottle of champagne, a cocktail making kit, a naughty dessert and one sexy and beautiful London escort and what do you have; the perfect dinner date at home!

With Nobu, The Bluebird, Hakkasan and many other upscale restaurants offering take out why wouldn’t you want to enjoy delicious food with an equally delicious girl? After all with lockdowns that can strike at any time, the “new normal’ temperature checks, plastic screens, masks, track and trace and hand sanitiser destroying the romance and magic of a dinner date being at home may be the answer.

Waitrose and Sainsburys are awash with home made pre mixed cocktails so you can be your very own mixologist; what girl doesn’t love a Pornstar martini or a margarita? Fire up your Spotify account and play your favourite music whilst you await the girl of your dreams direct to your own home. Be the host with the most and pour a cocktail whilst ordering your favourite cuisine and then kick back, relax and enjoy a wonderful dinner date in the comfort of your own home.

Of course if you fancy yourself as the next Tom Kerridge then by all means cook for your companion. Perhaps you have your own signature dish that never fails to impress think “Come dine with me” but with much more attractive and engaging participants.

I think in order to survive these bleak days you need to keep your head up and make the most of what we can do rather than focusing on what we can’t do. This too shall pass but it’s important you still socialise and spend time with others when you can. Who doesn’t want to spend an evening with a beautiful girl and feel spoiled in their own abode?

Zoom calls and FaceTime just do not cut it. We don’t believe “virtual dates’ are the way forward, we think there’s something seedy about them and in our opinion they are just not something that any of our high class London escorts would dream of offering. I don’t imagine that anyone switches off their laptop after a virtual date and feels a warm glow inside. The simple fact is that you just cannot beat human interaction.

In London everything can be delivered right to your door; food, coffee, groceries, cocktails and one of our high class dinner date London escorts, so why not try a dinner date at home?