Coming back from Covid

As we emerge from lockdown and restrictions are lifted we understand that some of you may be eager to spend time with our ladies whilst others take a more cautious approach. Opinion is divided and we appreciate that emotions run high where Covid is concerned. I know many that will be waiting for the pub doors to open and can’t wait to ditch their masks where as others wish to stay home, have their shopping delivered and continue to wait for covid to be a thing of the past.

For those gentleman that are wary we say this “do not book until you feel comfortable”; whether that means the vaccine, the R rate is reducing or that Covid is as extinct as the Dodo, it’s a personal decision and will be different for everyone. At Allure our aim has always been to make every gentleman feel relaxed, desired and happy. We want everyone to leave one of our gorgeous girls feeling on top of the world and not anxious and asking themselves “should I have just done that?”. If there is any doubt in your mind then we urge you to hold off. The undeniable fact is that you could catch Covid whilst popping into Little Waitrose for a pint of milk en route home but you’ll convince yourself, without any doubts in your mind, that you contacted Covid from the escort you saw for a 6pm incall. It’s just how the mind works so we want to remove that doubt creeping in and spoiling an otherwise enjoyable pastime.

Calling our receptionist and asking her “what do you think?” won’t alleviate your worry either. I know many gentleman think it is wise to ask us what Covid measures we have in place but please stop and think. Unless you are planning on wearing a Hazmat suit for the duration of your time with a lady then there is no possible way of being 100% Covid safe.

So what extra measures are you taking?

To us at Allure our approach to Covid or the common cold is the same; no one should be passing the dreaded lurgy onto an other person. There is simply no excuse for it. This is why we insist upon speaking to both you and the lady on the morning of a booking, just to make sure all is fine and well, and if either party is unwell then the booking is cancelled and/or rescheduled. This might just sound like common sense to you (it is) but you would not believe the amount of cold or flu ridden gentlemen that have said “I’m fine” when we can clearly hear them coughing and spluttering down the phone. I’ll never forget that one gentleman, who admitted that he did indeed have a cold, when he gallantly declared that he wanted to “sweat it out” during his booking! What a charmer. Needless to say he was banned for life and suffice to say that people like him are the reason why we insist on that pesky phone call on the morning of the booking: we are well aware that many of you find this step to be tedious but please trust us when we say that there is a reason for it.

The simple fact is that we have no choice but to cancel or reschedule when either party is sick because it’s the right thing to do.

When it comes to ladies being off sick and having to cancel, we know it’s super frustrating for you when this happens, especially when you’ve been looking forward to it, but seriously now, what alternative is there? You certainly would not thank us for introducing you to an unwell and unenthusiastic girl, so try to bear that in mind when these things happen. Likewise, if a lady has a visit from Mother Nature it would be bad form to let the meeting take place. When these things happen it is really annoying and really inconvenient but we would rather just be upfront about it and cancel the booking. It’s much better than letting it go ahead and with you ending up having a below par tryst, even more so because also because you would have paid for the privilege to do so. So please don’t resent the lady for doing the right thing and cancelling, especially as it’s completely out of her control.

Cleanliness is sexiness.

It goes without saying that hand washing is not a new concept to us at Allure. We have always championed the importance of good hygiene and you’ll certainly need to wash more than just your hands when you’re meeting one of our ladies. For those of you are unsure of what is expected of you then it might be helpful to read the etiquette guide that you can find here hopefully it will help clarify things for you.

To those that are champing at the bit and happy to partake in some fun post lockdown our ladies will be more than happy to indulge you. We just cannot wait to see you!