Diamond Capital of the World.

Situated on the River Schelde in Flanders, Antwerp in an ancient city with extremely rich history going back to the 1500’swhich is when the city rose to prominence and at that time it was considered to be the richest city in Europe.

Due to its history, especially during the Flanders Renaissance, the city has many art galleries and museums which house the works of famous artists such as Rubens, Breughel, Van Kyck and Jordaens.

These days Antwerp is known for its modern art and there are contemporary art galleries everywhere in the centre of the city and we are sure that your chosen companion will love to visit them with you.

No trip to Antwerp would completely without listing the beautiful Brabo Fountain which is one of the city’s most famous attractions and it is located in the Grote Markt in front of the Town Hall of the city. The bronze statue depicts the local legend from which the city Antwerp is supposed to have gotten its name.

Antwerp is world famous for it’s trade in diamonds and Antwerp’s diamond district, which is known as the Diamond Quarter is an area that is just a short walk from the towns’s historic centre. The area is home to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and has no less than four trading exchanges.

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