“I thought I would leave a review for people like me who have wondered whether the reality could possibly match up to the almost too good to be true website. In all honesty I wondered whether going ‘upmarket’ would justify the price tag. How wrong I was!

I was absolutely blown away by my experience. Firstly Celia looks as good in the flesh as her pictures, however what they fail to capture is her smile and the fact she likes to laugh a lot. Her body is sensational and I’m sure I embarrassed myself by telling her that a few too many times during our time together.

She was immaculately dressed and clearly takes care of her appearance. She was warm, chatty and possesses a good brain. Her bio is accurate. She has a genuine interest in the Arts. Over a few glasses of wine we had an interesting conversation about all manner of things and there is no doubt in my mind that she would be excellent company on a longer date.

Without going into too much detail Celia’s list of services were offered with enthusiasm and a considerable degree of skill. I know in the real world that Celia would have been out of my league but everything seemed very natural and flowed.

I had a very enjoyable afternoon and will definitely be back to see Celia in the near future. We discussed some possible duos but I think I have a lot more to explore with her first.”

Celia at Allure  0207 183 1094