1: I know we can’t talk about bookings that have already happened but instead can you describe your dream date for us? How would it start? Where would you go? How would it end? Don’t leave anything out.
My dream date would have to begin at a bar. I love the anticipation that comes with encountering one another publicly: the flutter of excitement as our eyes meet, the flash of recognition between two strangers with a shared secret. We begin our assignation with a few expertly mixed cocktails, letting them lubricate the conversation as we gaze into one another’s eyes, contemplating the night to come.

I particularly enjoy the muted charm of a hotel bar. Filled with people from around the world, they exude the excitement of people visiting London, while also allowing one to appreciate the refined luxury of the storied hotels in which they are set. Not least, of course, is the convenience of being able to retire quickly to a private abode upstairs after allowing the sexual tension to build over drinks or dinner below.

I love live music, so for me, going to a gig or concert would be amazing. There is a certain electricity that comes from live music that you can’t find elsewhere. It makes me feel so alive, and present in that moment. When the music ends, we can find our own way to bring the night to a climactic, explosive crescendo among our own internal rhythms.

2: If I were to ask you the same thing but this time for a weekend away with a gentleman. What would your perfect weekend for two look like?
An ideal weekend getaway for me would include a stay at a spa in the beautiful English countryside. I love spending a weekend in the fresh air, drifting from pool to jacuzzi, and enjoying facials and massages with your paramour is such a dreamy, invigorating way to spend forty-eight hours. For me, perfection and peace lie there, among the beauty of nature, the wonderful food, and the relaxed early morning nuzzling.

3: Now describe your dream vacation.
Maldives, Bali, Iceland, Venice.
Oh! All of them! I have so many places on my list that I wish to explore. I’ve always dreamed of making love on an Arctic bed of furs beneath the northern lights. I have often imagined myself alongside the pure, pale blue waters surrounding the beautiful island archipelagos of the Pacific. There are so many places full of beauty and wonder. A visit to any of them would be a dream come true.

4: What have been your favourite gifts so far?
Oh gosh, I’ve absolutely been spoilt I think, but some of my absolute favourites have been a pair of YSL shoes and a bag, an exquisite pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, a bottle of my favourite perfume, several lovely candles, and a stunning set of Agent Provocateur underwear; so many beautiful things. I feel very blessed and incredibly loved, so thank you to anyone who has ever gone out of their way to bring a lady a gift. It really means the world to each of us.

5: What lady on the Allure site would you really love to duo with but haven’t done so yet?
I’m afraid I have to demur, and answer a slightly different question. My favourite Allure girl is just so yummy that I want her again and again and again, and each time it gets better and better. My absolute number one lover at Allure has to be the sexy, sultry, and mysterious Samar. I could (and have) kissed that golden skin all day and all night long. We have that essential, genuine connection that allows us to be who we are, revelling in the full flower of our sexuality as we fulfil our deepest, innermost desires. As a sexual muse, Samar inspires me to greatness, and together we make an art of lust.

6: When you’re not escorting what do you enjoy doing in your personal time?
I have three dogs, small, furry characters that bring me endless delight. I love taking them hiking and to various parks throughout London, and, mainly, the South East. We enjoy the occasional weekend trip to the seaside, where they chase the breaking waves as we run along the beach together.

I love London and all its excitement, so it’s important to me that I explore all it has to offer with frequent trips to the ballet, the theatre or to see musicians travelling through. I’m always eager to explore any new vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

I do enjoy reading literature. Its power to transport me to another world has always delighted me. I’m currently finishing The Great Gatsby. The thrill of life in the Roaring 20s, amid the dashing gentlemen, scandalous flappers, and legendary good time girls is absolutely intoxicating, even more so since I’ve realised that we are all embarking on a new decade of 20s.

Of course, no honest woman could neglect to mention one of the greatest thrills of life in London: shopping! Selfridges is to me what Tiffany & Co. was to Holly Golightly: a place of pilgrimage, so wonderfully perfect that nothing bad could ever happen there (Although my accountant would disagree!).


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