“Where to begin? I have been following Camille’s profile for a long time and called the agency to book her for one hour incall last evening. She accepted the request even though she was not working that day. So sweet of her.

The experience was truly amazing right from the second I entered her flat. She talked to me, made me comfortable, showed me the shower. Then, the sex was the best I had in my life. I am an introvert in general and don’t speak much.

This woman made me speak out(and even shout at times) without any inhibitions. Everything from the kiss to sex was done to perfection and exhaustion. I felt like having a PSE with a girlfriend. Both romantic and kinky at the same time.

I never thought one could do so many things in one hour incall. She was everything I imagined by looking at her profile. She was also kind and caring. A beautiful escort, and above all, a beautiful woman.”


Camille at Allure 0207 183 1094