“I turned up (Camille has a nice flat in Central London) and found that, as I had requested, Camille was wearing thigh high leather boots. She looked amazing. Another reviewer said that Camille could be Keira Knightly’s sister. I would say that Camille’s figure is very much like Keira Knightly, or like a model. She has a fantastic, trim figure. Her breasts are small but very firm and pert. Facially, I thought that Camille bore an uncanny resemblance to Liz Hurley (she said people have told her that before). I really enjoyed just watching her walking around the room. Her body is amazing and the boots really flattered.

To start with, I had a nice massage, then things moved on. It was very much a PSE, and a very impressive one. Particular highlights were: when Camille poured Prosecco onto her body and got me to rub it into her skin, and the anal (there was so much anal, and in so many positions).

At one point, we were having anal sex, both lying on our side, and I remember consciously thinking ‘this is fucking amazing,’ (and came very soon afterwards). I’ve never met an escort with such an apparent enthusiasm for anal. Camille really seems to love it. If you’re into anal, and especially hard anal, I would massively recommend visiting Camille. Likewise, if you favour PSE, Camille is strongly recommended. I had a great time. The whole experience felt like having sex with a celebrity, like a model or an actress or something. Camille seems to be really into duos as well, which I might well try out in the near future.”


Camille at Allure 0207 183 1094