1: If you could be a super hero (or villain) for a day, who would you most want to be?
I would choose Wonder Woman if a hero, or Catwoman if a villain. They are both very beautiful, sexy, strong women; my favourite kind.

2: What fictional place would you most like to go?
The Gatsby mansion, not only to meet the man himself, but to dance the nights away like we are forever young.

3: We all have a guilty secret when it comes to music, what band or artist from the 80’s or 90’s do you listen to when no one else is around?
Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses; I don’t love Axel, but I love the songs. It has to be classic rock all the way for me. #sorrynotsorry

4: What discontinued TV series would you most want to bring back?
Breaking Bad for sure. I need more Jessie in my life.

5: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
I was a singer and guitarist in a band, which involved travelling to new places and performing in front of many people. It was terrifying and exhilarating every time.

6: When you get back home after a date what is the first item you take off?
Heels! Without a doubt they are kicked off and put back in their boxes.

7: Do you prefer to undress yourself or have your partner do it for you?
Can I be greedy and say both? I like a combination of the two of us undressing both ourselves and each other… However, some ladies’ garments come off easier if we do it ourselves, gents.

8: What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
Eating with their mouth open, have some decency!

9: What do you wish you knew more about?
Everything. Although I will say that I love to read and hope to be able to have many more classic titles under my belt. A favourite book is also an amazing gift for your favourite lady. x

10: What is something everyone should do at least once in their life?
Fall in love. To love and to be loved is the greatest gift you will ever know.

11: Donald or Justin?
Justin. I mean, do I even need to give a reason?


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