So, you’ve been back at Allure now for since last Summer, how are you finding it? Any regrets in coming back?

Absolutely not! If anything I wish that I had come back sooner!

You’ve just had a fantastic new photoshoot. What was it like? Did you enjoy it or do you dread having your photos taken?
I don’t get excited at the prospect of a photoshoot. Of course you’re a little nervous but the photographer make the experience easier. I’d say that this is because the photographer we use is so friendly and professional. He has been shooting all types of ladies from different fields for years and years so he treats you as an individual rather than a lot of “boudoir
or escort” photographers which will have you all in the same pose no matter what your height, colouring or dress size.

I can see that you are wearing a lot of gorgeous new outfits. Did you buy all of them for the shoot and how much preparation went into it?

I bought a few new outfits as I knew I’d be shooting in a hotel as well as a studio this time rather than outdoors. I adore lingerie and wanted to wear pieces I’d actually wear with clients. You know I actually have a photographic memory and recall what I wear on each date so I ensure I don’t wear the same outfit twice….unless the gentleman specifically requests it.

Having been back at Allure for a few months I have visited quite a few hotels so shooting in one felt right. I feel that clients can really envisage the scene and I think that helps fire up the imagination. I love that blonde hair on tanned skin in dark lingerie look. A lot of my clients appreciate attention to detail and so it’s important to choose beautiful lingerie.

We have Valentines, Easter and Spring/Summer before I shoot again so I wanted my photos to reflect that as I know you like us to keep our photos up to date. In 6 months time I’ll go for a different look.

This time I have gone for a darker theme. I just don’t think you can go wrong with black. I listen to my clients and always like to get to know their style and attire preferences. Stockings and lace, secretary style outfits and heels seem to be a common theme at the moment and I am to please.

I know that you’ve been to a few different photographers. How does our photographer compare to others?

I have nothing but the upmost respect for our photographer, he’s  part of the Allure team. He is friendly and has a dry sense of humour. I like that he doesn’t pry or make you feel uncomfortable as his sole objective is to make you glow and give clients a sense of the girl they may date.

So, I can see from your profile that you enjoy going to Scotts and Villandry but where else do you like? Have you found any other new restaurants in London that you really love? Also, what new bars are there that people should be checking out?

I love Coya, Novikov and Sexy Fish….those places are the usual suspects and fun but I’ve recently discovered The Colonywhich was so much fun. Intimate, friendly and great food. I really love the bar at Connaught, it’s cosy but the service is fantastic. I like hotel bars I don’t know why, they’re a world within a world I guess plus you can just stumble back to your room! Just kidding or am I?!

Indulge me here. Describe your dream weekend away for me. Would you head to the country or prefer a city break?

You’ve got me! I just love an adventure. Cities are so much fun; vibrant, energetic and with so much to see but you know what a weekend in the country just you me and bottle of champagne with long walks when we come up for air are pretty great too. Just as well I own Louboutins and Hunters hey?!

What’s your favourite book (or two)?

The Handmaids Tale has always been a favourite and I re-read it again recently after the tv adaptation. Tv adaptations never quite live up to my (wild) imagination. I love the imagery and darkness of this book. Think grown up Shakespeare. I’d like to say I’m into erotic fiction but I find a lot of it falls flat. I took to reading unpublished authors online but again maybe it’s my vivid imagination but they’re never that compelling.

Ok, so I know that you are a self confessed gym addict but how many times a week do actually go and when do you find the time?

I go 5-6 days a week. I’m an early morning kinda girl. I have left several overnights and headed straight to the gym! It’s then done! I find if I’m due a hangover it’s one of those that’s in the post and arrives about 4pm so I have to get up and get it done. A 45 min class and then a good coffee works a treat! I love finishing work late seeing London at night really is beautiful but no matter what time I get home I will have a class in the morning. Such a thrill knowing you have a double life….especially when you love both your lives!

From the conversation that we have had, I know that you are really into health eating and clean living. Is it hard to balance that with what we would describe as the “escort lifestyle” is it difficult combing the two?

I never drink at home alone so I can enjoy a tipple in good company. I had a wonderful overnight a fortnight ago where I drank a copious amount, had some wonderful sushi then at breakfast I ordered a poached egg with steamed vegetables and a black coffee. My darling date was tucking into a full English said “are you sure that’s enough? Where did the party girl go?” I said “Well you know me by now: nice by day, naughty by night! I can’t have treats for breakfast lunch and dinner!” and yes I left the hotel in my yoga pants and trainers!

Ok, what’s the best booking you’ve had recently. Specifically within the last 3 months?

Seriously Claudia that is so tough! You know that Sunday I called you saying I’d had a ball that week as I’d been on a couple of overnights, a dinner dateas well as a lunchtime quickie booking that week! Honestly it’s the variety that I love but dinner dates I adore. Even if it’s say a couple of hours booking but we have a little drink first to get to know one another it makes it all less clinical.

Dinner dates are just so much fun and just that little bit more intimate. I have had some absolute blasts! Last week I had a 2 hour afternoon booking that flew by. We had a glass of champagne and really hit it off. I’ll never get over the excitement of escorting. Whether it’s a short or long booking I take my time getting ready for our tryst, think about my outfit and make up even my fragrance then I’m ready for some fun. A little small talk, a lot of affection, switch off and have as much naughtiness in the time we have before we go back into the “real world”.

Also, what’s the nicest gift you’ve been given in the last 3 months?

Again I’ve been spoilt….it is always so unexpected but who doesn’t love a gift?! Fragrance, lingerie, candles, chocolates, books and shoes have all been wonderful. There’s something about a chap choosing you a gift; it’s so kind and generous, again makes the whole situation warmer and “real” although totally not expected. I have had unbelievably extravagant gifts but also smaller personal tokens; both are appreciated. I adore champagne and I always think that makes our time together extra special. Honestly though, I don’t ever expect a gift, it’s just such a nice surprise to receive one.

Lastly and forgive me for asking this but do you have any regrets about becoming an escort. If you could start afresh would you do things differently? If so, how?

Honestly I wish I’d started sooner but then right now at Allure I see the loveliest guys so maybe now is the perfect time. They are naughty but so respectful, charming and funny. I think at 30 you have this confidence, it enables me to be free, I can really let myself go with clients and enjoy the experience.

If I’m being completely candid do regret being with another agency previously. When I came back was nervous about the exclusivity rule but I find that with Allure on both sides it’s quality not quantity. It’s all a learning experience. At other agencies clients booked shorter trysts and you weren’t treated as “unique”. I find that the “Allure gentleman” know the girls on our books can’t be found anywhere else and they love that. It’s also great knowing that I’m with a agency that will actually tell the client if I’m not right for him, which is great.

As the majority of Allure gentleman are repeat clients and it feels like we’re part of some secret private members club not just a chap picking any old girl and never returning. I find clients much more discerning and thoughtful at Allure. I have had some incredibly sexy connections and just fantastic experiences with gorgeous gentleman and hope to continue doing so! Whether it’s an hour or 48 hours on the whole Allure gentleman are just so much fun and I’m having an absolute blast!