boutique London escort agency

Boutique London Escort Agency

The Cambridge dictionary states that boutique means a small, fashionable business therefore what does that mean in terms of a boutique London escort agency? Small meaning little, petite perhaps conjures up an image of a handful of individually chosen ladies, quality over quantity and certainly not dozens upon dozens of girls.

“Boutique” seems to be splashed across the home page of every escort agency in London but when there are 30 plus girls to scroll through, can a website really genuinely claim to be a boutique London escort agency? We, at Allure,  don’t believe so. Having met all of our ladies it is hard to fathom being able to know more than say 20 girls. How can an agency meet and remember so many girls?

We will go as far to say that we are London’s only truly boutique escort agency. We believe 16 is the optimal number and we will never go above 20.

There are many factors that form our tried and tested method. If we were to exceed the amount we deem to be boutique  it would mean that it is impossible to ensure that we know each lady and can appropriately recommend her to you. Ladies also change their appearance regularly which is of course their prerogative but would mean that say a gentleman that prefers blondes might be meeting a lady that has recently dyed her hair brunette, maybe a girl has put on weight and no longer looks like her photos or she has recently had a tattoo for example. Knowing the ladies we represent goes a long way in ensuring that you can trust our agency and that we provide you with the best possible service.

It’s the small touches sometimes that mean the most; we know all of our ladies accents for example and believe it or not some gentleman have a preference for say a cut glass accent where others go wild for a scouse twang! Since we know our ladies personally rather than submitting vital statistics and photos onto a webpage we can make booking a date bespoke to your wants and needs. Otherwise it can be a little off putting when someone says “I don’t know” or worse still you meet and none of her details are accurate!

The presentation of our site is important. It has to look inviting but also be clear and concise. The photographs on our page must be accurate and recent. Organising photo shoots for 30 – 40 girls must be a near impossible task hence why so many other agencies display photos that are 5 years old and sometimes embarrassingly older.

Punctuality and ensuring that everyone is on time is another factor when you have so many ladies on your books. How can you keep track of so many girls all over London when you have 30 or so to look after? Safety would certainly be compromised and that cannot be allowed to happen. When you stick to 20 escorts and under we believe that you have the optimum number.

We value feedback from our gentleman which is why we have regular clients going back over a decade. We listen and learn bringing you exactly the kind of ladies you enjoy spending time with over and over again.

We like refresh our gallery often to ensure we really are showcasing the most alluring and enticing ladies. If one lady leaves for whatever reason; it could be that she no longer meets our high agency standards or simply that she has moved on to other things, then we will replace her but we are always careful not to flood our site with too many new ladies at one time. We believe that each new lady should get to enjoy being a fresh addition; ensuring we get to know them, they receive great feedback and that they are enjoying their time with Allure. We would much rather have a great agency of 12 outstanding ladies that are beautiful, unique and exclusive to Allure rather than a lack lustre, sub standard agency of 40 plus escorts who are all the the internet.