August 2020

August 2020 feedback

Grace – 26/08/2020

“Had a wonderful extended lunch date , kicking off at a well known fish restaurant in the West End , Grace is very beautiful and dresses exquisitely – lunch was a blast followed by a lovely afternoon back at mine . The private time was fantastic , everything delivered with enthusiasm ,. Oh an added bonus is her taste in music , how had I not heard “Every Step”
In summary a great choice, great day can’t wait to catch up again – Thank you Grace and of course Sophia xx”

Camille – 25/08/2020

“We are so luck to know London, live in London, love London. A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else. However, if that day has had a few hours spent with Camille then yours is heaven blessed. No scent is more sensual or more memorable than the musk of this sensational girl. The Order of the Garter should immediately be granted on this daughter of Zeus, Honi soit qui mal y pense my perfect muse.”

Grace – 25/08/2020

“Grace was nothing sort of perfection, the perfect bod, phenomenal kisser and so charming. Definitely one not to miss.”

Cassandra – 25/08/2020

“I saw Cassandra for a 2 hour meeting at my hotel. Had a great time, good conversation, felt relaxed enough to share my sexual fantasy about a former work colleague, such an erotic experience. We both had fun!
I would recommend Cassandra as a wonderful GFE with PSE if you wish!”

Samar and Camille – 21/08/2020

“I met Camille and Samar for a duo at a hotel last night and can honestly say it was amazing. Not being able to go on holiday this year I decided to spend the money on an indulgent evening and arrange a duo instead. I definitely made the right decision and with the right ladies, which was in no small part due to Sophia’s patient help, so many thanks to her.

Samar and Camille have a real chemistry and clearly enjoy each other’s company which really made the evening for me. They are both incredibly attractive natural beauties, stunning to look at in their sleek dresses on arrival but even better when undressed into their lingerie or a sexy costume (of which they have many).

The pair really compliment each other with Camille the slightly more dominant and dirtier taking the lead and Samar being slightly more submissive and GFE (but only by comparison). Both ladies are incredibly versatile in every way.

They had spoken before we met and the evening went of flawlessly. I won’t go into all the details (it would take too long and I lack the eloquence to do them justice) but two of the highlights were:
Both ladies working in perfect unity providing oral, then Samar’s deep throat as she gazed up with her perfect brown eyes, as Camille’s hands and tongue roamed freely.
And when Camille begged for A level as the pair shared a toy together. Whilst this required a degree of strength and flexibility to achieve it was definitely worth it.

Both Samar and Camille are experts at what they do, knowing each other well they worked together to provide a night I will never forget. They instantly put me at ease and the engaging conversation between sessions was almost as good as the private time itself. If you are looking for a duo (or haven’t had the pleasure of their company alone) then I could not recommend more.”

Camille – 09/08/2020

“This was the first time I had ever visited an escort although had thought about it many times. After plucking up the courage I arrived at Camille’s flat feeling very apprehensive. However Camille was amazing – she immediately put me at ease . As well as being even more beautiful than the photos, she also has a charming and engaging personality. We started off with a wonderful shared shower and the 2 hours I spent with her were simply incredible.

Without doubt I made the right choice and I simply can’t wait to see her again soon.”

Camille – 07/08/2020

“What a fantastic evening with the awesome Camille, all those months locked away and suddenly there she is , looking amazing ( she has long perfected her style ) – best described as naughty hedonist
It was great to catch up over a drink and then the perfect mix of physical and mental stimulation

“You blow me away” just sums up a wonderful time

Million thanks”

Grace –  07/08/2020

“My second date with the wonderful Grace

She was just as stylish , beautiful and bright as I remembered , even the collapse of the service at dinner did not faze her ( still sorry about that !)

She is a great laugh , has a fantastic sense of style and a positive world view
During private time she uses her fabulous body to great effect and I had a wonderful time – so thank you

I look forward to the next time very much, with a definite change of restaurant – but otherwise would not change a thing.”

Camille – 05/08/2020

“I have just spent an amazing couple of hours with this special lady. Camille is a joy to talk to, putting you at ease with her charming and engaging personality. She quickly ascertained what I wanted from the evening and set about making every fantasy come true.

When the talking stoped her enthusiasm was infectious and utterly engaging. She is an incredibly open minded women who takes real pleasure in what she does and boy does she do it well. I won’t go into details but she exceeded my high expectations.

She is incredibly beautiful (better in person than in her photos in my opinion), charming and then a real vixen in the bedroom, with her box of tricks besides the bed and a shared shower to see me on my way.

Camille is a genuinely wonderful person and I enjoyed my time with her so much I’m about to book another, longer meeting. I can honestly say if you book Camille you will not regret it.”

Lucy – 05/08/2020

“Some memories deserve to be recorded. Lucy is a truly lovely person to talk with and fun to be around. Oh yes, and a very very sexy woman. Hope to see her next month….”

Camille – 05/08/2020

“Wow, one can only say, I had one of the best nights, as Camille was an amazing experience. She has, a super posh, horny and sexy accent. Then it changes, to pure and unadulterated filth in the bedroom . All her services are on offer and she clearly enjoys what she does . Well, omg, I did. I have enlisted the services of a personal trainer, so am in better shape for when we meet again. Camille is a wonderful, young lady, who certainly didn’t disappoint, all I can say is that it was one of the best experiences I have had. As it says, reassuringly expensive, but oh so worth it . Wow, is the only way I could, describe the night.