So you’ve just had a fantastic new photoshoot with our favourite photographer, did you enjoy the experience?

I certainly enjoyed it, the time flew by being photographed by such an experienced and fun professional.

How did you feel about being photographed outside in nature as opposed to in the studio?

I’m an exhibitionist at heart so I really enjoyed that part, it felt a bit naughty and exciting. Getting back to nature always feels sexy in a primal way.

I know that you’ve been to a few different photographers in London.  In your opinion how does our photographer compare to others that you have been too?

He has a tremendous talent to see beauty and capture it, allowing each model to stand out in their own unique way. Im so lucky to have him as my photographer. I also love the fact that the photos are barely retouched.

From the photos you can clearly see that you have a great body. How do you manage to keep so toned? Is it just down to luck or is it hard work at the gym?

I’m naturally petite, but I do enjoy a good workout, especially with a group. I believe it is essential for healthy mind, body and soul.

I absolutely adore the sequin dress that you are wearing, it’s really special. With regards to your outfits, did you just pick ones from your closet or did you buy some new ones for the shoot?

Thank you. Actually, most of the outfits were things I already owned and like to wear. The photoshoot though seemed like a very good excuse to treat myself to sonew outfits.
Are you looking forward to wearing that dress on a dinner date sometime soon?
Yes, at the right venue, I would love to be seen in it again.

On that note,  are there any new restaurants in London that you really love? Also, what new bars have you recently discovered that you’d like to go to on a date?

I’m constantly on a quest to find London’s rooftop secret hideouts. The rooftop St James and Sushi Samba are my favourite recent discoveries. Sexy Fish was the perfect escape during this recent heatwave, cooling cocktails, delicate bites and great tunes, what more could you ask for.

Describe your dream weekend away for me. Would you head to the English countryside or prefer a city break?

I have recently taken several weekend retreats to the country to reconnect with nature. My favourite part must be horse riding, particularly in Devon and the New Forest, it gives me this feeling of ultimate freedom.Now, however, I’m planning to take more city breaks, there are so many beautiful places that I still want to see and discover. Currently, Im dreaming of being on a clean sandy beach, with a cocktail in my hand, nothing on my mind, or body!

Last question and forgive me for asking this but do you have any regrets about becoming an escort. If you could start afresh would you do things differently? If so, how?

There have been ups and downs, but I believe that every stage of this journey has taught me something. Fortunately, I discovered Allure early on in my career. Im very pleased with where I am today, thanks to the agency.



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