“Having spent some time preparing my 400m relay run evening (4 lovely ladies in one evening) I had tactically (and foolishly) decided to start with seeing the lovely Maria. How much energy could a tiny petite Spanish teenager extract from me in one hour? Well I was to soon find out that I would have been well advised to leave her for last (and best).

The previous reviewers have accurately commented on her looks so I wont repeat any of it apart from adding that she has a killer smile and sparkling dark eyes (slightly different to her pictures but still very attractive). Maria is extremely petite (even more so than the pictures) which is lovely. Her body was spot on in terms of my tastes so I was looking forward to undressing her.

Maria is young but confident and a fun girl. She was easy to talk to and we got along almost immediately (but I imagine most anybody will). Within minutes of meeting her I felt as if I had known her for ages.

She is versatile and seemed to be able to switch from GFE to PSE depending on what she felt I wanted. Her kissing was passionate and lovely, her caressing intense and sustained, her oral deep and wet, her sex energetic and physical. Within an hour I felt as if we did about everything one can with a young lady without getting a heart attack. Her goal is to please and please she does! The two memorable events of this encounter were her taking over when I was pleasuring her and guiding me towards what she needed in order to reach satisfaction (which she insisted was a must) and her mastery of that awkward moment we all dread – the placing of the condom (I had to stop her in a panic as I thought we had actually started without having put one on! She laughed and was somewhat flattered that she had managed to put it on without my even noticing).

Maria is a top lady which I whole heartedly recommend (although not if you have a busy night ahead).”


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