“I sure hope Claudia isn’t keeping track of all the times I’ve said “Thanks again, Claudia… I owe you one”. Carmen is another of Allures’ gems (where does she find them?). A tall, model slender, dark haired young beauty who has recently arrived in the UK. Her English is adequate, but she appreciates the effort and time you might take to have a conversation with her. A smart and perceptive girl, she will reward any ‘sympatico’ that might develop between her and a client with an evening of hedonistic delight ranging from sweet, sweaty sex to an all-out, back-scratching “Yeehaa, flip me over and do me again you wild Anglo stud” event. Well ok, she really doesnt say Yeehaa, but I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what “Ahhh Dios mio” meant. My willingness to use the 14 Spanish words I know was rewarded by 2 hours of sometimes sweet, often intense shagging, followed by an almost catlike sleek body curled up in my arms, purring happily, perfectly willing to go another round. The spirit was indeed willing but… Oh yeah… damn cute dimples too.
Recommended? Definitely…
Repeat? I shall return.”
“Firstly, my thanks to the agency who managed to talk me on to Carmens flat due to my inept navigation of London!
Carmen looks like her pictures. She speaks good English and is a very tactile person. She kisses gently with light brushes of the tongue (no DFK) and provides a good massage which she insisted I return before leaving (oh how I fought that idea!). Her BBBJ is not very deep and quite toothy, but she pays adequate attention to the entire area and makes good eye contact, but Im not sure if she does CIM (the agency advertises otherwise). She enjoys sex in all positions and was a vocal and active partner and she was more than willing to let me know exactly what she wanted. The two hours I spent with her where over very quickly indeed!”


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