Virginia – 30/08/2019

“Second date with Virginia and we arranged to meet at the Ivy. This beautiful young lady took my breath away when she arrived in a figure hugging but very classy evening dress which was entirely appropriate for the venue, but also very sexy in a nicely understated way. I felt very privileged to be in her company, and she certainly drew many admiring glances from other diners.
Virginia is great company and conversation came easily, helped by a number of common interests and by a mutual love of travel, I only wish I had crossed as many exotic locations off the bucket list as she has.
Once we adjourned to a quieter environment the demure Virginia departed and a passionate and giving lover emerged. Looking into her piercing green eyes as she reveals herself to you is simply an erotic appetizer for the many pleasures that follow.
Virginia is more than just a little bit special, but delightfully doesn’t appear to have realized it yet. To be continued…..soon.”


Gabie – 30/08/2019

“Gabie, or Miss Jones as she was known as during our roleplay, took on the role of a young employee, but one who was very willing and extremely able to use her many charms to get what she wants.
My character was her married boss supposedly conducting a disciplinary hearing due to poor work performance, but ending up trying desperately to fend off her inappropriate methods of keeping her job. An element of discipline was applied, but Miss Jones appeared to relish that immensely so that approach failed. Inevitably Miss Jones succeeded in seducing her boss despite his resisting as long as he was able and was promoted to a new role more suited to her special skillset. Her boss was putty in her hands by that point and was even tempted to allow her to address him as Benedict!
Gabie is a wonderful hostess with a wicked imagination seemingly without barriers. I thought our date was great fun and hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.”


Tara – 26/08/2019

“I had another delightful meeting with Tara. There was lots to talk about since our previous meeting and then onto some naughty fun! Loved your little black dress. Tara is just the best. Many thanks, Gary. xxx.”


Eleanor – 24/08/2019

“Eleanor is a really gorgeous, funny and charming person. Despite the hottest day London has seen for some time, she made the venue as cool as humanely possible and the apartment itself was comfortabe and in a safe and discreet location. I had an excellent time, and she is one of the best girls from Allure that I have seen. As usual, the arrangements were faultless and the booking was unhurried and extremely positive. She has a lovely personality to go with the looks and a laugh that is intocicating. In summary, first class.”


Iris – 21/08/2019

“It was all going so well: I met Iris – beautiful, intelligent, full of life and I was managing (I think) to string words together coherently despite my breath being taken away. There was also a quiet moment of anticipation that was probably the most erotic of my life. But then…….she kissed me in a way that I’ve never been kissed before (yep, I heard music too) and for that, and for all that we enjoyed together in the magical hour that followed, my life will never be quite the same again. Sigh.”


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