Angeline – 25/09/2019

“Sophia handled my booking superbly: efficient, helpful and easy. I had decided on Angeline as she simply looked fun and sexy, and I was not disappointed. What sort of booking was next, and I opted for a 4 hour lunch date (2 hours + 2 hours) and left it to Angeline to chose where we would eat. She chose a lovely restaurant, and we met on the steps going in: perfect timing. I arrived just as she was deciding whether to go in. We had a great meal chatting away, and it was as if we had known each other for many years. We felt the same about almost everything.

Then it was back to Angeline’s flat, which was literally just round the corner. A bottle opened and we started on the sofa, but within minutes were tearing our clothes off to get on the bed. We used both bedrooms and the sofa; the only room we didn’t actually use was the bathroom! Angeline doesn’t just enjoy sex, she loves it. More than that, she is very good at it. I eventually staggered out into the autumn sunshine drained in every way, but with a smile on my face, saying to myself “God I’m smug. Unlike you lot I’ve spent the afternoon in bed with the most magnificent women, and we have spent the afternoon experimenting with everything we can think of.” Not only do I feel sated, but I have met a women who is perfect in just about every way imaginable: funny, intelligent, superbly sexy, experimental in bed, great body, widely traveled, great sense of humour.
Will I return? Just try to keep me away! Next time I want a threesome with the Allure girl of Angeline’s choice.”


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