Mia – 22/11/2019

“Mamma Mia-Wow! As Mia’s guilty ’80s pleasure is Abba, that works on almost every level. Talking of levels, be it O, A or Mmmmmmmm, Mia has the body for you! She is a phenomenon that every man should sample at least once in their life, though as one sees with Mamma Mia, there is always a sequel – You’ll want to cum back for more!
Mia’s profile also refers to how she would like to be Wonder Woman (It’s the tying up that appeals to her apparently!). Well, looking at Mia’s womanly body, any guy will definitely wonder how life can get any better than that and want to wander all over her!
Finishing with the Mamma Mia theme, I’ve always seen Claudia very much as the Meryl Streep of this amazing agency, though she’s got a much better singing voice apparently! Credit as always to Claudia for sorting out this appointment and warning me to get a good night’s sleep before the encounter!
Mia – Thanks so much. I’m going to leave the sordid details of our encounter to remain a secret between us but The Winner Really Does Take It All when in your illustrious company.”


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