Camille – 21/11/2019

“This was an absolutely fantastic session with a unique girl. As can be seen from my review history, although I am a very experienced punter, I post comments and reviews very rarely. With Camille, I feel duty bound to make public the fact that she is one in a million. Someone to be treasured.

From the moment that I entered Camille’s luxury flat, it was obvious that I had placed myself in the hands of a unique girl. I have been a connoisseur of the female form for over thirty years and in a very active sense. I only date model types or lapdancers. Yeah, I guess I’m shallow but it’s my favourite hobby! Meeting someone like Camille means one hits the jackpot with almost as much frequency as I attempted to meet her G Spot in what was an overnight session that I shall never ever forget. Camille has more charisma and personality in her little finger (and she knows how to use mine!) than many girls have in their whole bodies! She looks absolutely stunning and she is what I shall euphemistically (even on this blow by blow page!) call an experienced sexual wonder woman.
Camille’s body is textbook what i go for and I would venture to say, most guys like even if they don’t share my obsession with models and stunning babes! She is tall and slim with an absolutely exquisite arse. Probably (nay definitely) the finest that I have encountered in all my years doing this. And does Camille know how to use that bum? You bet she can! Wow!! It cries out to be licked, slapped and defiled. Even on here I don’t feel it right to give full chapter and verse. Suffice it to say, it is a tight fitting work of art and arse!

We had sex in four positions, two of which involved the sort of back-breaking effort I certainly don’t put in for all my girls. With Camille, it felt essential to try at least to satisfy her! At no time in this encounter did I feel that it was anything but that magical combination. The holy grail of GFE and PSE. Indeed I would call it a CUM-CAM-I’ll-Be-Very-Satisfied service! By the end of it, my back wasn’t the only thing that hurt!!

Sex in the bath was adventure enough before the noise of water brought on the inevitable – a drenching all over and with the taste of champagne and Camille’s juices proving the perfect way to orgasm!

Not that I really want a model to be cleverer than me (My ego needs satisfying almost as much as my bits and pieces!) but in the case of Camille, it was plain from the get go that I had met my match intellectually as well. She can talk about anything and everything, but in such a charming and sexy way. It seems unfair to the rest of the female species that someone such as Camille exists. The others don’t have a chance! The temptation now is just to see Camille and forget the ‘competition’, though planning 3sum fun will mean that it will never be the same event. Every session will be special. She has ideas that make even an old vixen veteran like me blush!

In short. All I can say is that Camille is the best girl I have ever met. The sex was just out of this world and she tastes as good as she looks!

The old cliche rings true for once – Form an orderly queue and enjoy!!”


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