Celia and Camille – 21/09/2019

“This is, I guess, an occasion where the gentlemanly Kiss But Don’t Tell rule should be breached. Indeed, whenever you actively place yourself between Camille and Celia, first in a Jacuzzi and a king-size bed thereafter, with the support of a whole suitcaseload of assorted fixtures of a sexually oriented function, things are prone to happen that might be worth at least mentioning, if only for their scientific interest, which, as an engineering graduate, I keep of course permanently in mind as an absolute priority. Thus, the following brief evocation of a shameless evening of unabashed pornographic maneuvers as well as an unreserved commendation of performers thereof.

Starting at 9:30 PM in the hotel’s bar, with Celia and Camille (along with the abovementioned wheeled suitcase) joining my G&T with fancy flavored martinis (shame, but martini purists are a dying breed and girls will be girls). But let’s slip the so-called social part, as pleasant it could have been, to reach the heart of the matter, which, even Victorian hypocrites would admit, has little to do with this specific organ, unless it eventually defaults in the process. I will evidently abstain getting into uncensored details, the telling being strictly about the kissing, and shall therefore remain silent on the more exotic endeavors. At most, I will hint to anybody keen in exploring a whole universe of potential combinations that such tend to expand quite exponentially when one-on-one natural limitations are lifted through the addition of a willing, versatile, extra counterparty and the assistance of a quasi-unlimited number of ingenious devices. Believe me, in such a configuration, 3 hours with Celia and Camille is a bare minimum for the curious mind, although the body might be unwilling to follow, especially when old age or physical limitations impair stamina.

As a conclusion, a tremendously exciting experience whose energetic, fun and determined participants I strongly recommend to each and every man of a scientific persuasion and likewise curiosity. And which I sincerely intend to renew at the first opportunity.”


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