“This was meeting was just a lucky accident. I was trying to book another girl who turned out to be unavailable but was offered Carmel, who was not even shown on the site at the time. She is only available occasionally because of her TV and filming commitments but she is well worth trying to see.
I vaguely remember her escorting in the early days as Shakira, but now she is a big porn star shes back under her stage name and still a very reasonable rates. If you haven’t seen any of her more recent films she now has even bigger breasts.
Why spend 500 or more on some Eastern European Porn Star when you can get the best of British (and a big star in the US) at a better rate?
She would not be my normal pick of escorts (I am usually more of a pervert) but she is very pretty in the flesh, very bubbly, great smile, very friendly, chatty and down the Earth so you can’t fail to be impressed. I had a good time. She also doesn’t have the attitude of some (mentioning no names) “I am a star and you should be grateful to be in the same room as me” and genuinely wants you to have a good time.
Recommended. Get her while you can.”


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